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1-Liner “Transition-Pitch” to Close More

I’m going to teach you the transition pitch — the stupid simple one-liner — that’s going to help you close even MORE deals.

Now, before I teach you that, it’s important for you to learn how I discovered this.

Welcome or welcome back, by the way. My name is Adam Bensman, The Roof Strategist.

Everything I do here (and on my YouTube channel, Instagram, and my podcast on Apple and Spotify) is designed to help you and your team at smash your income goals and give every customer an amazing experience.

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So, back to the transition pitch — how did I figure this stuff out?

How & Why I Developed the 1-Liner Transition Pitch for Roofing Sales

As a sales leader and sales coach a 12-year-old-looking baby face, I’ve had a unique opportunity to use my role in the roofing industry to just help inside the house.

As I’ve done this, I’ve watched what the roofing sales rep said and how the homeowner responded.

One of the advantages of being able to do this is that we can SEE and HEAR what unfolds. That’s how I was able to pick up on the body language signals and the cues between the rep and the homeowner.

And it’s why I started to use this little transition pitch because I saw what happened when people did NOT use it.

So, I’m going to:

  1. Highlight the mistake that was made
  2. Show you the really fast, super easy fix
  3. Teach you my incredibly simple 1-liner transition pitch that IS going to help you close more deals

If you’re a roofing sales rep, you’re going to be able to use this on your very next sales appointment.

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Yes, this IS different than what I teach in my YouTube videos.

And, right now, we’re just going to get into just one of those tiny little fixes.

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Roofing Sales Pitch Problem: Sliding into Your Pitch

Let’s talk about the problem first.

The problem that’s happening is what I call “smooth sliding into your pitch.”

What do I mean by that?

We’re going to localize part of the sale right now, which is when we show our photos to the homeowner. And, by the way, whether you’re doing retail or storm, we’re usually showcasing what we found on the roof.

From here, we slide into our pitch, right? It’s the classic problem-solution, and it goes something like this:

Hey Mr. Homeowner, here’s what’s going on. And by the way, I can help.

In other words, it breaks down like this:

PHOTOS  📸  ——————>    PITCH  🔊


The transition is what happens between showing the photos and delivering the pitch. And many people don’t acknowledge it. So, the mistake is ignoring that transition and smooth sliding into the pitch. Here’s an example:

Mr. Homeowner, as you can see, your roof is damaged.

No problem — here’s what we can do to help you out.

Then, BOOM, the paperwork, the contingency or the contract, comes out.

Roofing Sales Pitch Problem: What the Homeowner Thinks

Now, up until this point, we’ve been building trust and developing rapport with the homeowner. But, then, the homeowner sees this paperwork, and suddenly, they pump the brakes.

They FREAK out. They’re concerned. There’s fine print, a pen, and the word “agreement” or “contract.” Now, they’re thinking:


Where did this come from? I was NOT prepared for this.

I feel like I’m being forced or coerced into signing something.

That’s when their guard goes up. I’ve watched homeowners literally clam up, get sweaty palms, and see them shut down. It’s like when you lose hearing in really high-stress situations that cause you to panic. It happens to homeowners. They become like deer in the headlights.

At this point, all that trust we built up is KILLED. The deal GONE. It doesn’t matter if you have a perfect presentation because they just put up a wall between you and them.

So, here is the extremely fast and very simple solution to that problem.

The Simple Solution: How to Transition from Photos to Roofing Sales Pitch

Instead smooth sliding into the roofing sales pitch, here’s what we’re going to do and say:

Mr. Homeowner, now you’ve seen what your roof looks like. Here it is.

Would you like to hear how I can help?

Very simple words. Write that question down. That’s your transition pitch to close MORE Would you like to hear how?

If you ask that question — Would you like to hear how I can help? —after they’ve seen the condition of the roof and the damage to it, what are they going to say?


That’s our favorite word, and it’s not an obligatory, “yes.” They’re just saying “yes” to a simple question.

This is one of the few times, by the way, that I teach to use a close-ended question. And when they say, “Yes, I would like to hear how you can help,” we got our first “yes.”

AND we just got permission to pitch.

They literally just gave us permission to pitch to them. So, what are they expecting?

Now, they’re expecting me to talk about:

  1. The money and prices
  2. How we work
  3. Our company

When I do this, I make them feel comfortable.

And I emphasize comfort because when people feel comfortable:

  • They’re not thinking about the money. They’re thinking about their comfort.
  • They make comfortable buying decisions.

So, any time you’re about to get to the contract or the contingency agreement, slip in this mini transition pitch and simply ask:

Would you like to hear how I can help you?

If you do, I bet that your closing rate is going to go up even if you change nothing else. So, use this short, powerful transition pitch on the very next sales appointment you run.

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