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#1 Thing BLOCKING You From Making More Money in Roofing Sales

If you’re in roofing sales and wondering why your income isn’t where you want it to be, you might think the answer lies in honing your sales skills. Surprisingly, it’s not. The real barrier to increasing your earnings is effective time management.

This topic is a common one at every live event I’ve attended. During Q&A sessions at lunch, participants often ask about time management. The consensus is clear: the primary factor limiting income in roofing sales isn’t your ability to close deals but your ability to efficiently produce what you sell. That’s why mastering time management is crucial.

In this post, I’ll dive deep into various aspects of time management. We’ll explore how to view and value your time, and I’ll provide actionable steps to structure your days for maximum efficiency. By the end, you’ll have a clear path to operating like the highest income earners in roofing sales.



Understanding Your Effective Hourly Rate (EHR)

To begin, let’s perform an eye-opening exercise. Grab a calculator and enter your total income from last year. Divide this number by 2,500 (50 weeks per year, 50 hours per week). The resulting figure is your effective hourly rate (EHR).

This exercise can be a wake-up call. Many people boast about making significant money in a short time, forgetting the countless hours spent working without immediate results. For instance, you might recall the days leading up to a big sale where you worked tirelessly without a return. This skewed perception often leads us to overestimate our earnings.

When I first did this exercise, even though I was rewarded with a 1991 Corvette ZR1, I realized I was essentially working two full-time jobs. The hours worked were substantial, and simply working more hours didn’t change my EHR significantly. It just increased my workload.


Valuing Each Minute

Now, let’s get granular. Divide your EHR by 60 to determine what your time is worth per minute. This minute-by-minute valuation can be transformative. Whether your rate is high or low, each minute holds equal potential for everyone.

Brendan Burchard calls this PQO, or prolific quality output—the sales activities that generate results. Recognizing the value of each minute helps you prioritize tasks that directly contribute to your income.


Combatting Time Thieves

Be mindful of activities that steal your time. Social media, notifications, and even well-meaning friends and family can distract you. The average person spends 20 minutes on social media after responding to a notification. These interruptions can add up, stealing precious minutes from your productive hours.

When you’re working, focus solely on work. Save personal interactions for designated breaks or non-working hours. Protect your time like your livelihood depends on it—because it does.


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The Three Income-Generating Activities

Identify and focus on the three activities that directly generate income:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Closing Deals
  3. Getting Referrals

These activities should dominate your prime working hours. For example, the best times for door-knocking might be from 3 PM to 6 PM. During these hours, prioritize prospecting, closing deals, and securing referrals.


Time Blocking and Batching

To manage non-revenue-generating tasks, use time blocking and batching. Schedule specific times for activities like updating your CRM, making follow-up calls, and handling administrative work.

For instance, you might update your CRM early in the morning, make follow-up calls around 8 AM when people are commuting, and handle direct mail in the evening. Batching similar tasks helps maintain focus and efficiency.



Planning: The Night Before and Beyond

End each day by planning for tomorrow. High-income earners often plan their days the night before. This simple habit can significantly boost productivity.

Extend this practice by planning your week in advance. Having a clear roadmap for your tasks and goals ensures you hit the ground running every day, minimizing wasted time and maximizing productive hours.



Effective time management is the cornerstone of maximizing your income in roofing sales. By understanding and valuing your time, focusing on key income-generating activities, and strategically planning your day, you can transform your productivity and earnings.

Embrace these strategies, and you’ll find yourself operating like the top earners in your field, unlocking new levels of income potential.



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