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13 Ways to Get Roofing Leads That Cost $0 (or dirt cheap)

Are you responsible for generating your own roofing leads and sales? Whether your company provides some of your leads or you need to supplement your income with self-generated leads, this guide is for you. We’ll explore 13 practical and cost-effective methods to generate roofing leads.


1. Door Knocking: The Classic and Powerful Approach

Despite the digital age, door knocking remains a highly effective method for generating roofing leads. Many homeowners are unaware of roof damage and won’t search for roofing services online. By knocking on doors, you directly reach potential customers who need your services. This method is virtually free, aside from transportation costs.


2. Cold Calling: Direct and Personal Outreach

Cold calling can be a game-changer if done correctly and compliantly. When driving around, note properties with for sale or for rent signs, commercial properties, churches, and apartment buildings. Call them and offer your roofing services. A personal approach can make all the difference.


3. Leave Behind Letters: Personalized and Impactful

Instead of glossy door hangers, use personalized leave-behind letters. Print them at home, fold, and tape them to doors. These letters, which look less commercial, have a higher chance of being read. Many have reported increased callbacks using this method.


4. Targeted Direct Mail: Precision and Persistence

Targeted direct mail isn’t about mass postcards but sending personalized letters to specific addresses. After knocking on a door without an answer, follow up with a letter. This method builds familiarity and has a high close rate as it targets homeowners who are already aware of your services.



5. Referrals: The Easiest Leads

Referrals are gold but often underutilized. Make asking for referrals a part of your process. Provide excellent service and encourage satisfied customers to refer you to their friends and family.


6. Referral Relationships: Strategic Partnerships

Build relationships with professionals who interact with your target customers, such as insurance agents. These relationships can yield consistent leads and enhance your business reputation.


7. Neighborhood Block Parties: Community Engagement

Host a block party during an installation. Advertise free food and a chance to see the roofing work in action. This method not only engages the community but also showcases your work, attracting potential customers.

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8. Your Own Social Media: Build a Personal Brand

Use your social media platforms to share valuable content, not just sales pitches. Share behind-the-scenes looks, customer testimonials, and educational content about roofing to build trust and authority.


9. Customer Social Media: Leverage Their Networks

Ask satisfied customers to post a selfie with your company’s sign on their social media. This taps into their network, expanding your reach to their friends and family.


10. Local Facebook Groups: Add Value First

Engage in local Facebook groups by providing helpful advice and answering questions about roofing. Avoid spamming. Building trust in these groups can lead to valuable leads.


11. Nextdoor: Community Recommendations

Similar to Facebook groups, use the Nextdoor app to connect with local homeowners. Offer advice and engage in discussions to build your reputation in the community.



12. Friends and Family: Tap into Your Network

Don’t overlook your personal network. Friends and family can be excellent sources of leads, especially if they live nearby and need roofing services.


13. Rehash Old Leads: Follow-Up is Key

Follow up with old or lost opportunities. Many leads may not convert immediately, but consistent follow-up can eventually turn them into customers. Stay persistent and re-engage with past contacts.


Empower Your Roofing Business

These 13 strategies can help you generate roofing leads without breaking the bank. Start incorporating these methods into your routine and watch your leads grow. If you want to delve deeper into these strategies and get comprehensive training, consider joining the Roofing and Solar Reform Alliance for exclusive sales training and resources.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll be on your way to smashing your income goals and delivering exceptional customer experiences. For more tips and in-depth guides, check out our free training center and join our community. Happy lead generating!



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