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My 3 WEIRDEST Beliefs That Made Me Successful in Sales

Let’s talk about my three weirdest beliefs that I believe have helped me become very successful in sales. Now, I’ve seen many successful roofing salespeople share these three really weird beliefs.

So, instead of talking about roofing sales strategies, how to self-generate more leads, or how to overcome objections or close deals, I’m going to talk about:

  • The inner landscape and the mindset
  • The top three weirdest beliefs that I have and that are shared among quite a few of the top-performing roofing sales reps.

Now, the beautiful part about beliefs is we all get to choose our own. In fact, beliefs are what makes humans so different than any other animal. After all:

  1. We have the power to believe.
  2. We can believe whatever we want.
  3. There are people who we might not agree with or who have beliefs that don’t align with ours.
  4. Regardless of what that belief is — and regardless of whether there’s evidence or no evidence to back it up — it’s that central belief that carries us through.
  5. Our beliefs CAN pull us in the direction of success or failure. If you’re someone who doesn’t believe that you’re worthy of success, you will live a life of poverty. If you believe you’re worthy of earning a fortune, you will find a way to do it. If you believe in being a servant and serving from the heart, you will be a servant to people in your life.

So, our beliefs can be really powerful — I have three really weird beliefs. Now, these are NOT religious or philosophical, but they do guide me every day of my life.

Before we get to it, first, I want to say welcome or welcome back. Adam Bensman, The Roof Strategist.

I’m excited to have you here, so let’s dive in!

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Roofing Sales Odd Belief #1: Wear an expensive watch.

I believe you should wear an expensive watch in roofing sales because absolutely NOTHING is more precious in life than time. Now, I’m going to share a brief disclaimer on what “expensive” means in just a moment, and I’m not saying here that you need to be flashy, showy, or wear a certain name brand.

In fact, an “expensive” watch could be a $50 watch — or it could be $15,000. It does NOT matter.

Why? I’ll explain why with a brief story.

When I was chasing my first seven-figure income, I came right up to that ceiling when I realized that:

  1. I had to manage my time like a BOSS to make it happen.
  2. I needed to squeeze out MORE output from the limited time that I had.

Now, the reality is that:

  • We ALL live on the same earth, with the same number of minutes and seconds every single day.
  • The highest earners in roofing sales are the folks who bring the MOST value and who produce the HIGHEST outputs.

So, my first seven-figure income goal was the BIGGEST income goal I had ever set for myself. To do that, I told myself the following:

  • I AM going to make my first $1 million.
  • I NEED to manage my time better.

So, I purchased a very nice watch. Actually, it was one of the NICEST watches I had up until that point, and it probably wasn’t anything special for a multi-millionaire. Still, I don’t care about what they think — and:

  • I bought it for ME.
  • On my wrist, this watch was a symbol every single day to be mindful of my TIME.

At that time, I didn’t even have a really great grasp of my time. In fact:

  • I was running late to things.
  • I’d let things take too long.
  • When I started to wear a watch, even an inexpensive watch, people paid attention.

So, I bought an expensive watch because I knew that wearing it every day would make me look at it and force me to pay attention to the TIME. And quite frankly, with an “expensive” watch:

  • It’s NOT about the price.
  • It’s NOT about the showiness.
  • I do NOT really care what anyone else thinks.
  • I wear the watch for ME, and each watch I wear has a story.

In fact, the watch I wore for this video was one that my wife, Sheena, purchased for me as a total impulse and as a way of saying, “I love you. You deserve it.” Every time I look at it, I hear Sheena saying in my ear, “I love you, and I believe in you.”

So, when I pick a watch for a speaking event or an outing, it’s because I’m trying to capture that feeling and pay attention to it.

And as a salesperson, time is our most precious resource. Plus, we have to:

  • Show up on time.
  • Learn how to pace ourselves through our appointments.

And the LAST thing we want to do is be checking out phones for the time during a sales appointment.

Why? Because it’s a distraction, and you don’t want to be sitting there pulling your phone and counting down the time. Plus, wearing a watch is a great reminder that, as time ticks, that’s one more second of your life where you are closer to death (stoic and grim but true!).

So, my first weird belief is to wear an expensive watch as a constant reminder that:

  • The number one limiting factor of your income in roofing sales is NOT your ability to sell. It’s your time.
  • Pay attention to that time and maximize it.

And if you’re like me (and you don’t have to be), you may end up getting a new watch for every milestone, getting that watch as a trophy for each new victory. In fact, I have a watch marking when:

  • I earned my first $1 million.
  • I got 100% clean and sober.
  • I’ve hit other important life milestones.

And every time I put those watches on, I remember those moments.

So, wear a nice watch so that you stay focused on the time. That’s the first weird belief that’s led me to success in roofing sales. Here’s the next one.

Roofing Sales Odd Belief #2: Focus on self-awareness.

My second weird belief is that every salesperson should do something every single day to focus on self-awareness.

Personally, I started developing greater self-awareness by studying meditation. Actually, I went to this “hippie” called Naropa University. It’s a small school in Boulder, Colorado, founded by an exiled Tibetan monk and Poet Allen Ginsburg.

I went there to study myself, and I earned an undergraduate degree in psychology. That’s where I was able to sit on that meditation cushion and learn self-awareness.

And I believe that, as a salesperson, understanding others begins within. We understand our own human experience by looking at it from an objective perspective.

So, self-awareness can come from:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Yoga
  • Martial arts

There are a lot of different ways to develop the skillset of self-awareness. For me, that predominantly comes in two forms:

  1. Meditation
  2. Journaling

And I believe that the strongest communicators in life:

  • Have a deep understanding of themselves and the human experience
  • Can relate on a more personal level and develop really intense empathy, which is the ability to connect and feel what other people feel

So, spend some time every single day developing self-awareness through a practice that works for you. This could involve meditation, yoga, journaling, martial arts, or some other practice that helps you develop and deepen your sense of self-awareness.

Roofing Sales Odd Belief #3: My personal & professional development is UNLIMITED.

This is probably the MOST powerful belief of the three, and it’s this — there’s absolutely NO limit to my personal growth and my professional development if I keep fine-tuning my skillset every day.

When I wake up, I say to myself:

  • I want to perform better than I did yesterday. I want to be a better husband to Sheena.
  • I want to be a better son to my father. I want to be a better son to my mother.
  • I want to be a better best friend, a better communicator, and a better film producer.
  • I want to be a better writer, a better leader, and a better speaker.
  • I want to be a better listener and a more organized learner.

I do NOT believe there’s a limit to this development.

Now, in the past, I was quite arrogant. In fact, when I made my very first six figures, I thought, I’ve learned it all. I’ve made ALL this money, and I’m on top of the world!

I just had this “coasting” time UNTIL I realized just how arrogant and limiting that was. Now, I’m the polar opposite, and I believe that there’s absolutely NO limit to the growth I can achieve.

In fact, one of the books that inspired me was The Courage to Be Disliked, by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga. This book talks about happiness as:

  • Having a “community feeling”
  • Being of use to others

After reading this book, I thought, What if I just dedicated my life to being of use to the highest degree possible? With that:

  • There’s NO limit to my growth.
  • I can get hyper-obsessed with whatever I do.

That is what fuels my happiness and my joy — it’s being the BEST version of myself professionally, personally, and holistically.

Recap: 3 Odd Beliefs to Drive Success in Roofing Sales

Now, you know my three weirdest beliefs related to roofing sales and what they’re all about. Here’s a quick summary of each belief and how it can fuel greater success in roofing sales:

  1. Wear a nice watch: If you do, you can change your mindset about time. Again, this doesn’t have to be the fanciest Rolex, and it’s not about flash. Instead, it’s about the meaning behind the watch and the reminder that time is limited — and that you need to manage your time wisely to get to that next level of success in roofing sales.
  2. Grow self-awareness daily: Dedicate time every day to develop deeper self-awareness through meditation, yoga, martial arts, or whatever practice works for you.
  3. There’s absolutely NO limit whatsoever to personal and professional development: Remember, roofing sales is personal development in disguise — and happiness can come from learning to be as useful as possible.

So, those are the weird beliefs that have carried me through and fueled my success in roofing sales.

What are yours? Pop over to my YouTube channel and share some of your beliefs with me!

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