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The 5 Daily Habits of $100,000+ Earners in Roofing Sales

Hey, Adam, here at The Roof Strategist. Today, we’re going to talk about how to make $100,000 or more in roofing sales.

I help salespeople and teams reach peak performance, have fun doing it, and most importantly, smash their income goals along the way. And I’m going to teach you the five daily habits of $100k+ earners.

Let’s jump right in.

Roofing Sales Tip #1: Set & Chase Daily Goals

So many people are lured into roofing sales because you can make a lot of money. The earning potential is crazy high. So, what does everyone do? They take it and they say, “I’m going to change my life. I’m going to make the most money I ever have.”

That’s exactly what I did. I was making $19,000 a year, literally living below the poverty line. I had to ask my mother, in my 20s, for gas to go visit my family on Easter. Then, eight months later, I raked in $140,000.


By following step number one — chasing daily goals. Starting with an income goal is critically important, but it’s daunting. It’s hard to try to think of where you’re going to be in a year. But what you can think about is what you’re going to do today. Because all that you can control is what you do today.

So, set daily goals. For example, those could be:

  • Getting a roof approved
  • Opening up a new neighborhood
  • Canvassing during an install to sign up the neighbors
  • Creating a new relationship
  • Closing a deal on a follow-up

I have a personal daily goal and daily plan in my Marketing Battle Pack. You can use it whenever you want. Personally, I like to handwrite my daily plans because I feel like there’s something powerful and magical that happens with your mind when you write things out by hand (I even have a whiteboard in my office solely dedicated to my goals).

So, use whatever you need, whatever works to help you set and chase those daily goals. If you do, you’ll see the smaller wins you get day to day.

That’s going to help keep you motivated, so you can keep your foot on the gas. Because this industry can beat you down. It’s a roller coaster, up and down. So, get those little wins and let them motivate you.

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Roofing Sales Tip #2: Use a Sales System or Process

Another habit of six-figure earners is that they follow a sales system.

What do I mean by a “system”? I mean a repeatable process. The truth is that this industry can get overwhelming. There’s a lot to keep track of. So, you want to follow a system.

For example, the minute I sign a customer, I’m going to go to their neighbors. Now, I can do my warm door knocking, using the SLAP pitch or the SLAP canvassing formula.

When you do that, you can walk over to the neighbors and say something like this:

Hey, I just met with Pam. We just signed her up. On her roof, I found a ton of damage, and the chances are that the insurance is going to cover it.

While I’m here, I wanted to stop by and ask how has the insurance process been for you?

That’s how we start following a sales system. Then, here’s what we can do next:

  1. When the job is approved, we go to the neighbors and say, “Hey, we just got the job approved.”
  2. During production, we’re going to flag all the homes beforehand.
  3. On production day, we’re going to canvass.
  4. After production, we come back and use the direct mail letters again.

This is all available in my Marketing Battle Pack. You can use my process or create your own. Either way, you NEED to follow a sales system. You can simply create a checklist of what you need to do for each step:

  • Place the yard sign.
  • Talk to the neighbor.
  • Send a direct mail letter.
  • Leave a letter behind at the door on production day.

Following a system like this is going to help you make sure nothing slips through the cracks, and it’ll help you keep your foot on the gas, so you can be hyper-focused on sales.

Roofing Sales Tip #3: Ask for Referrals Daily

When I run meetings for roofing sales teams across the U.S., I’ll open by asking a simple question. I ask everyone to raise their hand and show me, with their fingers, how many referrals they’ve asked for that week.

Guess what the common response is?

It’s that people are ashamed because they haven’t asked for any. We forget. And when I was new in roofing sales, I wasn’t very good about asking for referrals either.

So, remember to ask for referrals daily. There’s no shame in getting “no.” I’ve done a whole bunch of videos on referrals, showing the Body Language Tricks and How to Use the Right Referral System.

One option is to give a $25 gift card for the opportunity to talk to someone. You’re not buying names. It’s for the appointment. When you give it to a homeowner, you can say, “Hey, I sat down with Peggy, thanks to you. So, here’s a $25 gift card.” If you do this, don’t give out more than $25. You don’t want the homeowner to think that you’re raking in money off them.

So, ask for those referrals daily.

Your goal is to stop knocking on doors. And you can ask for those referrals at least four times:

  1. When you sign up a homeowner
  2. When you get the job approved
  3. During production
  4. When you collect the final payment

Even if you jump into the job right after the roof’s approved, you might miss an opportunity there. But there will still be three other touchpoints per customer — when you sign them up, production, and collecting the final payment.

Check out my video on a Powerful Referral Strategy I use. It’s also baked into my Marketing Battle Pack, along with pre-written customer emails, printouts to leave with customers, and a lot more. So, ask for those referrals.

Roofing Sales Tip #4: Use Multi-Touch Marketing

Multi-touch marketing is so underdone in roofing sales. I don’t get it. Everyone is just running around, knocking on doors, and that’s it.

All multi-touch marketing means is using different avenues — a letter at the door, cold calling, direct mail. I’ve done a bunch of videos on Direct Mail and Multi-Touch Marketing. So, check those out.

A good way to dive in is to start documenting what happens when you show up.

  • Was anyone home or are they not home? If no one’s home, note the time and leave something at the door, so they can find it. Then, you can cold call them later.
  • Is there already a letter taped on the door? If I haven’t gotten out of my truck and I see a letter taped on a door, I’m going to guess that someone’s already working it. And I’m guessing that someone’s already using multi-touch marketing in the neighborhood.
  • Has anyone driven by? If I don’t see anyone driving by, I don’t see many parked cars, and it’s the middle of the day, it may not be the best time to go knocking on doors. So, I have to come back later and do multi-touch marketing on every one of these homes.

Remember, it’s not one done. I’ve got to get in there and open up a neighborhood. That’s my mindset as a $100,000 earner.

By the way, in my Marketing Battle Pack, I’ve got 11 direct mail letters you can use just for residential roofing sales alone. That doesn’t include churches, commercial property management companies, realtors, and insurance agents.

So, again, multi-touch marketing is key. You don’t want to just try one option and call it done. You want to use multiple avenues to try to make those sales. That needs to be your mindset to be a $100,000 earner.

Roofing Sales Tip #5: Plan Out Every Day

Own your day. Covet your time. Guard it. To earn $100,000 or more in roofing sales, you are not limited by your ability to sell. I know it might feel like that if you’re newer and just getting into it.

What WILL limit your income potential is your time. Time is the ultimate equalizer.

Let’s say I’m running from the east side of town to the west side, then I spend an hour and a half getting back to the office. If I’m not organized, I’m going to start burning hours a day. Ultimately, when I look back, all I did was knock on two doors and stop by an install because I was in my truck for six hours. That’s a waste of time.

So, you need to plan your day. And, really, here’s the best advice I got on this (it was from Brian Tracy). Plan your day the night before. That’ll put your mind at ease.

So, sit down the night before and ask yourself, “what do I need to do tomorrow?” And that takes us back to the first tip — to set daily goals — which brings us full circle.

How to Become a $100k Earner in Roofing Sales: Bringing It All Together

Let’s go over everything, so you can see how it all comes together.

  1. Set and chase daily goals. The night before, write down your goals for the next day. Your goals can be to get a roof approved, get at least one job from an installation day, open up one new neighborhood, close an open deal, or chase some monster homes.
  2. Create your own sales system or process the night before too. I used to plan to go to the install address and hand out pre-printed letters to neighbors or hang those letters on doors. I wouldn’t quit until I handed out ALL those letters. That’s just one sales process you can use.
  3. Ask for referrals. As you plan for the next day the night before, make a list of who you’ll ask for referrals. Is it the customer who you just signed and you’ll be meeting with the next day? Is it the one you’ll collect final payment from? Whoever it is, make sure you plan to ask for those referrals daily. Writing it down can keep you organized and help you remember to keep asking for referrals.
  4. Prep all your multi-touch marketing materials the night before too. I used to spend my evenings putting together my direct mail letters and any other materials I wanted to bring with me the next day. That way, I could grab them, keep them in my truck, and easily drop them in the mailbox or send them out the next day while I’m canvassing.
  5. Make a plan for making more every day. This will also keep you organized, so you’re using your time really efficiently.

Those are the five daily habits of $100k+ earners in roofing sales.

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Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to share more with you in the next blog.