Ace Your Pitch at the Door! Canvassing and Door-to-Door Scripts For Roofing Sales

Alright, so what I want you to do in this video is to first table and forget everything that you've been taught about knocking doors or canvassing scripts, because chances are, they're garbage. Now, that's a big claim to make. And I'll let you be the judge after you hear me out.  Read More

Top 3 Objections I Get When Selling a Roof: How to Close The Sale!

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My Favorite “One Liner” Pitch To Get On The Roof For Your Inspection

My favorite one-liner roofing sales pitch is a subtle psychology trick. It softens the dialogue and makes your customer feel like they're not being sold. It’s really inviting. And it makes it easier than ever to get that roof inspection. Read More

“Not Interested” REJECTION at the Door: 3 Ways to Overcome!

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The “SLAP” Pitching Formula for Door-to-Door Roofing Sales & Canvassing

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How to Make Killer Money Selling Roofs WITHOUT “Hustling”

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