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Canvassing & Prospecting: Making a Strong First Impression When Going Door to Door

Hey, Adam, here at The Roof Strategist. Today, we’re going to talk about canvassing and making a strong first impression.

Now, all the data and market research show that we have about 7 seconds to make a sound first impression. People are going to judge you based on how you look, how you behave, and your body language even before they open the door.

So, I’m going to share some tips with you on how to make the best first impression possible.

Roofing Sales Canvassing Tip #1: Look Professional

Tuck in your shirt. I see this all the time with sales guys across the country — and especially canvassers and especially down south where it gets hot. You’re wearing no undershirt, your shirt’s untucked, and you do not look professional at all.

You really want to establish yourself as a professional when showing up at the door. So, get clean-cut and tuck your shirt in. Make sure you’re presentable. Look like you’re showing up for a job interview.

Roofing Sales Canvassing Tip #2: Carry a Pen

I always, always have a pen in my shirt. It’s always very convenient to have because if a homeowner gives me their name and I need to write something down, boom. I’ve got my pen, and I can immediately start writing.

The other thing about carrying a pen is that it looks professional. When you have a pen, you look prepared. So, I’ll always have my pen in my shirt pocket, visible, easy to access, and ready to go the second I need it.

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Roofing Sales Canvassing Tip #3: Bring a Clipboard or Folder

Another thing I always carry when I’m going door to door is a clipboard or a professional-looking folder. I’ll carry this folder so that I have something in my hand when I approach the door. I have my literature in there, my information, my business card — everything I might need.

Most importantly, there’s also an area to write things down. So, if I make contact with the homeowner and I start a conversation, I get their name, grab my pen, and write it down immediately. That way, I don’t forget it.

There’s nothing worse in sales than forgetting the name of the person you’re trying to sell to. You never want to have to say something like, “Excuse me. Can you remind me of your name one more time? I forgot it.” So, always bring something you can write on, and write those names down as soon as you hear them.

Roofing Sales Canvassing Tip #4: Drive Door to Door

Where do you park when you’re knocking on doors? I did another video on canvassing going over this never-ending debate.

Do you walk door to door? OR do you drive door to door?

Personally, I drive to each home. Why? Because I want my vehicle to be in the background. When the homeowner looks out the door, I want them to see me and my truck, with my magnets on the side or my stickers. It looks more professional. Then, they’ll think, This is a professional company. He’s not just some canvasser walking around.

Another good reason to drive door to door — and most people don’t talk about this — is that, if I’m eight doors down and I get a lead, a homeowner wants an inspection, I now have to walk eight doors back to pick up my vehicle.

That’s a horrible way to start the sales dialogue because the homeowner thinks to themselves, Wow, he got rejected by the other eight neighbors. I wonder who this guy is?

Now, if I’m driving door to door and the homeowner opens the door and sees a guy who’s presented well, with his shirt tucked in and his truck behind him, they’ll think, I wonder what they’re here for. They start to think it’s very intentional that you’ve shown up.

Recap: How to Make the Best First Impression When Canvassing in Door-to-Door Roofing Sales

So, let’s do a quick recap of our tips for making the best first impression:

  1. Tuck your shirt in and look presentable. It’s simple as it sounds. Tuck in your shirt. It’s the easiest thing that you can do to overcome looking like a schlub.
  2. Carry a pen in your shirt. It always comes in handy. Let’s say I’m talking to a woman named Pam and I start calling her Peggy later, it’s not going to go so well. So, I write her name down. Once I get past the door to the kitchen table, I can take notes about the claims process and anything else that might come in handy later. Plus, carrying a pen looks professional. It shows you’re prepared.
  3. Always have a clipboard or professional folder with you. It shows intention, it shows that you’re prepared, and it has all of your information, ready to share with homeowners. It also gives you a place to start writing down names and take other important notes.
  4. Drive door to door and park your truck so it’s visible from the door when they look out. That looks very, very, very intentional. It also puts everything you need right there, so you don’t have to walk back to get your truck when a homeowner wants an inspection.

So, that’s how you make the best first impression possible when canvassing in door-to-door roofing sales.

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