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OBJECTION: “I’ll Call You If We’re Interested”

"I'll Call You If We're Interested." We all hear this objection in roofing sales at one point or another. Find out what this REALLY means & how to overcome this objection on the SPOT, regaining homeowners’ trust & converting this deal-losing objection into a legitimate sales opportunity. Read More

My Insurance Company Said I Need 3 Estimates

"My insurance told me to get 3 estimates" is one of the worst objections in roofing sales. It's clear that the insurance company is the only person who wins in this situation. What’s the perfect rebuttal? Use this simple strategy to flip the script and earn the sale on the spot. Read More

3 Dominoes to CLOSE in Roofing Sales

Are you getting shut down at the door by homeowners who say things like, ‘I have to ask my wife first,’ ‘I don’t need a roof,’ or ‘Your estimate is too high’? If so, this powerful 3 Dominoes strategy can help you overcome these (& other) common objections, so you can build more trust & earn more sales. Read More