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BEFORE Knocking on the Door in D2D Roofing Sales

How do you approach the door in door-to-door roofing sales?

We can run into dogs or cameras at the door, so we need to know how to set ourselves up for success.

How will people perceive us when they look through that window or they see us pop onto that camera?

After all, when they first hear or see us, they immediately want to know who’s showing up and what the person at the door wants.

Now, let’s put ourselves in the homeowner’s shoes by doing a quick thought experiment. Let’s say:

  • It’s 5:30 p.m. on a Tuesday.
  • You got home from work a little early.
  • You grab an early dinner with the family.
  • Afterward, as you sit down on the couch to hang out, you suddenly hear a knock on your door.

At that moment, what two things go through your mind?

Most likely, you are thinking something like:

  • Who is that? Am I expecting someone?
  • What does the person at the door want?

That’s exactly what people are thinking when we knock on the door.

Knowing that, we can use it to approach the door in the BEST way possible.

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Now, let’s dive into how to approach the door in D2D roofing sales.

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D2D Roofing Sales: What to Do Before You Knock

Let’s look at an average door before we actually knock on it.

How to Approach the Door in Roofing Sales | D2D Roofing Sales Training

With this door, we have:

  1. A big window: You can see pretty much into the house, and anyone inside can see who’s walking up to the door.
  2. A camera: We know that the homeowners or anyone inside is looking at this, and they’re going to see who’s walking up to the door.

So, we need to know what to say and do when someone inside asks, “Who is it?” as we approach the door.

Generally, it’s best to:

  • Be assertive: Walk up to the door with confidence and assertiveness. You want to show up like you meant to. You’re there on purpose. Don’t look confused or unsure of why you’re showing up at the door. If you do, it looks fishy. So, show up like you’re on a mission.
  • Smile: So many roofing sales reps are straight-faced. They look stern because they’re not smiling. Remember, we’re in sales. If I walk up to a door as a stranger, a smile is warmer and far more welcoming than a straight face. So, remember to just SMILE. People are seeing you before you see them, so keep that in mind too — and try to keep a smile on as you approach the door.
  • Acknowledge their glances or points of contact: If you see someone coming or you see a dog in the window — or even a camera through which someone can see you — don’t ignore them. Acknowledge that point of contact. You can even give a little wave. Why? It shows confidence and that you’re there for a reason. After all, if there’s anyone in the house, they know their dog is at the door, or they’ve probably already seen you on camera. Giving a wave or friendly acknowledgment is assertive, and it can be a nice way to break the ice.

Should You Show Up Empty-Handed in D2D Roofing Sales?

There’s some debate about whether you should hold something or show up empty-handed when you approach the door in D2D roofing sales.

Some say that you should be empty-handed, so you don’t look like a solicitor. Others argue that showing up with something in hand is better.

Now, I don’t really feel very strongly about this issue either way.

What I do think is best here is to do what makes you feel comfortable.

Personally, I always had my notepad, clipboard, or folio in hand because it showed that:

  1. I was professional.
  2. I was there for a reason.
  3. I was ready to take notes and get things going immediately.

Plus, with my notepad, clipboard, or folio, I was ready to leave door hangers or letters (which you can get in my Marketing Battle Pack) in case no one was home. Again, that’s crucial because:

  • It shows that I’m there for a reason.
  • It can peak the homeowner’s curiosity because I’m on that camera, their phone is likely dinging, alerting them that a human has been noticed by their front door.

So, when I see that:

  • I know that that camera’s going to be checked later because no one’s home.
  • I’m going to hold up my door hanger letter on purpose as I approach the door to tape it up.

Then, when they get home — and after they’ve already seen the video — they see that door hanger, and they’re more likely to respond to it.

Again, we want to acknowledge:

  • The window where anyone may be
  • The camera at the door

Should You Ring the Doorbell in D2D Roofing Sales?

Now, when there’s a doorbell, should we ring that bell?

No, I would not ring the doorbell because then people can answer it from far away. We already know that they received the phone notification from their camera.

Instead, it’s better to knock.


It’s more PERSONAL, and it can make the homeowner CURIOUS.

Then, after knocking, just step back and wait for the door to open because everyone knows you’re there.

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