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Door Knocking Plan for Roofing Sales: Daily and Weekly

Do you want a daily door knocking plan to absolutely CRUSH it in D2D roofing sales?

Do you want to:

  • Make the MOST amount of money in the shortest period of time?
  • Reduce your drive time since you don’t get paid for those hours (and hours and hours) of windshield time?

Here’s the daily door knocking plan for roofing sales that can help you and your team SMASH your income goals and give every customer an amazing experience.

Welcome or welcome back, by the way. My name is Adam Bensman, The Roof Strategist. And I’m so excited to share this plan with you because I know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes.

I’ve been there, knocking on doors in neighborhoods, getting rejected, and thinking:

The grass is greener. I’m going to go knocking on doors in that neighborhood.

Then, at the end of the day, I realize that I’m just getting the exact same results. It didn’t work. So, I:

  • Drive around, burning fuel and time
  • Check a neighborhood out, without any success
  • End up getting one job in one area and another job in some other area or city

Now, you and I both know every single sale is going to take between 2 and 5 visits to the home, whether you’re in retail or storm roofing sales.

Depending on your role and responsibilities — and depending on the market — that:

  1. Can mean HOURS of time driving between customers
  2. Can get a lot worse with elements in certain areas, like the traffic in downtown Atlanta.

In fact, in Pasadena where I was recently speaking for an Owen’s Corning event, some roofing salespeople told me that they’re spending an average of 2 hours commuting to just one customer’s house, roundtrip. That can mean:

  • Roughly 10 hours of windshield time for just one sale
  • Additional time for the back office work, the sales presentations, and more

So, let’s lay out some fundamentals, followed by a daily door knocking plan to help you MAXIMIZE your sales.

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D2D Roofing Sales Fundamentals: A Quick Review

Door knocking is direct sales. When we go door to door, we’re soliciting sales from people simply by showing up and knocking. With this, here’s what typically happens:

  1. We show up unexpectedly.
  2. The homeowner questions who we are, thinking, Who is this person? I’ve never heard of them before!

This is what we call “cold door knocking.”

Most roofing sales reps do it. And if you’re one of reps who are:

  • You’re setting yourself up for failure.
  • You’re having to climb a mountain straight out every time because there’s no trust and no familiarity.

In contrast to this cold door knocking is multi-touch marketing. Now, I’ve done a video on Multi-Touch Marketing.

Basically, with the multi-touch marketing approach:

  • You layer key touchpoints into your door-knocking efforts, like direct mail letters, door hanger letters, and emails.
  • You leverage insurance agent relationships and a whole bunch more.

When we work this multi-touch approach, people have now seen:

  • Letters at the door and/or in the mail
  • Our logo in their neighborhood
  • Our yard signs
  • You in your truck, driving around their neighborhood or by their house, over and over again

With this, you go from being a total stranger to looking somewhat familiar.

In fact, recently, I was out training a roofing company in Denver, and they had told me that:

  • It was easy for them to move from cold door knocking to the multi-touch marketing approach.
  • This move simplified door-to-door roofing sales for their team. Instead of being daunting and overwhelming, D2D roofing became easier, quite fun, and, most importantly, FAR more effective.
  • They were able to make A LOT more sales with this transition.

So, how do we do it?

We do it with the right plan for daily door knocking.

What’s Holding Us Back in D2D Roofing Sales

We know that an average sale takes 2 to 5 visits to the home, and your number one limiting factor in roofing sales is NOT your ability to sell.

I’ve actually watched some roofing sales reps who aren’t super strong in sales do VERY well because they became very structured with the right plan.

And their number one limiting factor is NOT selling — it’s time.

After all, if you’re running around or spread out way too far:

  1. You won’t have the time to process the job.
  2. You’re NOT going to crush it and earn that multi-six-figure income we’re all chasing in roofing sales.

So, here’s what you want to do.

Your Daily Plan for D2D Roofing Sales: Target 3 Neighborhoods

Ideally, you want to work 3 neighborhoods, no more and no less. Three is the target number because three neighborhoods let you:

  • Cycle a neighborhood a day, leaving a 3-to-4-day gap in between visiting each area
  • Effectively work a multi-touch approach across each neighborhood

So, why the 3-to-4-day cycle here between neighborhoods?

Because when we’re working the multi-touch approach, here’s what happens:

  • We’re in that neighborhood day one. I don’t care if you’ve had success or not, we’re going to knock on those doors. If no one’s home, we’re going to leave door hangers (again, those are included in our program).
  • During the early mornings and/or nights when we’re in the office because we can’t be out knocking on doors, we can be sending our direct mail letters. When you send these letters out to homeowners, they’ll see those letters at their door or in their mail.
  • You’re going to show back up at least a few days later because these mailed letters will take about 2 to 3 days to be delivered, depending on the post office (and other factors).

By working three neighborhoods at a time, we:

  1. Give that homeowner TIME to receive the letter and open it
  2. Make the door knocking experience really EASY

The 3 Neighborhood Plan Can Really Work: Success Story #1

I’ll never forget a gentleman named William who text me this, “Hey dude, thanks. You made me $5,000 today.”

At this point, I didn’t know who he was. So, I replied, “William, really cool. But who is this and what are you talking about?”

He responded with:

Dude, I started using your letters.

I wasn’t a believer. I thought it was garbage. I didn’t think it’d work.

It turns out I ended up getting a call off one of these letters and the homeowner said, ‘I really like how you do business. Thank you for the fine touch and for not knocking on my door.’

So, William got the call, showed up, and signed the deal because the leads that come from these letters are REALLY HOT. That’s because the letters are longer in form, super personal, and very different than your standard postcard.

Then, once he’s at the homeowner’s house, he:

  1. Knocks on the neighbor’s door, using the Sales System
  2. Starts his pitch with, “Hey, the reason I’m stopping by now is because I came by the other day and you weren’t home. Actually, I also sent you a letter in the mail. So, while I’m here, I just talked to your neighbor, Michael, and he just chose us to do his roof. I just stop by to ask if you have questions for me about that letter.”

The homeowner responded with, “I’m so glad you stopped by! I have the letter.” And she walked into her kitchen, picked it up, and said she’d been meaning to call. And BOOM — deal signed.

That’s how William made about $5,000 in a day ($2,500 in commission on each project) while making door knocking really easy.

Can you imagine knocking on someone’s door and hearing them say, I’m glad you stopped by. I’ve been meaning to call?

Just WILD.

Patience & Relentlessness Matter Too: Success Story #2

Now, we know the approach that can be really successful — targeting 3 neighborhoods in a 3-to-4-day cycle. And I don’t care if you get rejected. You HAVE to give it some time.

In fact, back in the day, I was kickstarting a season with a gentleman on my team named Lonnie. Nothing was really going on, but we found this little pocket of a neighborhood, overlaying on a storm. There may have been past damage, and we only had a few months to knock it out.

Plus, the damage from the recent storm event was pretty minimal. So, it was pretty hard to get traction, and people didn’t believe us at first. Many didn’t even know what we were talking about.

Finally, though, we got a deal. We signed a contingency, and guess what?

It got DENIED.

Still, Lonnie didn’t give up (he’s one of the most relentless people I know). He went back again, saying, “We can do this. Sign the next one up.”

And, ultimately, he and I did 40 deals in that neighborhood in just 6 weeks. The lion’s share was due to Lonnie (I was only knocking a little bit; I had moved into a different role).

Lonnie CRUSHED it in that neighborhood.

Even though he was getting rejected over and over again:

  1. He came back to that same neighborhood.
  2. Homeowners who had initially told Lonnie, “no,” were getting more and more familiar with him over time.
  3. Lonnie was able to build trust, especially as other homeowners noticed their neighbors’ roof and siding jobs getting done.
  4. Soon, those 3 to 5 no’s started turning into YESES.
  5. Lonnie’s job got a WHOLE lot easier, with A LOT LESS windshield time because he was in the same neighborhood over and over and over and over again. This is crucial because we don’t get paid for windshield time. We’re not truckers; we’re roofing salespeople.

So, going to the same neighborhood over and over can bring familiarity and make roofing sales SO much easier.

Now, let’s summarize where we’re at so far (before I share a bit more):

  1. Target 3 neighborhoods. Work these areas 3 to 4 days apart, layering in your multiple touches, including door hanger letters, direct mail letters, etc.
  2. Use that warm approach at the door, referencing the fact that we’ve stopped by, left letters, sent a letter in the mail, or otherwise have reached out. You can say something like, “Hey, what questions do you have for me about the letter I sent you?” That means you’re there about the letter. And that differentiates you from other reps who use the same garbage, free-inspection pitch over and over again.

Overlooked Touchpoint in D2D Roofing Sales: Install Day

Now, we know warm door knocking is better than cold door knocking, especially with multi-touch marketing. We also know how many neighborhoods to hit and that we should be cycling through them every 3 to 4 days.

One key touchpoint many folks miss, however, is showing up before install day.

In fact, when the job gets scheduled, we can show up at the neighbors’ homes, with a very similar approach in the form of a courtesy visit, saying something like:

Hey Mr. or Ms. Homeowner, the reason I’m stopping by is that we’re doing Peggy’s roof.

If any debris comes your way, please let me know, so we can immediately clean it up.

Here’s an alternative opening in this scenario:

Hey, while I’m here, I was wondering when was the last time you had your roof inspected?

When was the last routine maintenance conducted on your roof?

Another starting point could be:

Hey, your roof looks like it’s about the same age as Peggy’s.

You may even have the same shingles.

Where are you at in the process?

As we work this approach, it doesn’t matter if they’re home right now or not. They WILL see:

  • Your install notice
  • You in the neighborhood
  • Your letters sent in the mail

So, when you show up and knock on install day, you can end up looking like a total hero because YOU are the one in the neighborhood.

Recap: Your Door Knocking Plan for Success in D2D Roofing Sales

The key takeaway for your weekly door knocking plan is to:

  1. Target three neighborhoods in a 3-to-4-day cycle.
  2. Leverage the multi-touch approach to boost your familiarity. Use the door hanger letters, combined with direct mail letters, emails, and more, to maximize every single touchpoint of the natural customer experience.

That’s how you can:

  • Provide an amazing experience both to the customer AND to the entire neighborhood
  • Make door knocking WILDLY EASY and FAR MORE EFFECTIVE, so you and your team can smash your income goal and give every customer an amazing experience.

By the way, you can get everything you need — from a comprehensive sales plan breaking your income goals down into daily plans to all of the marketing materials, step-by-step training, and so much more — in the Roofing Sales Success Formula. It’s currently used by many thousands of roofing sales reps across the U.S. Call or text (303) 222-7133 for a demo or more info.

So, I hope you leave with an actionable plan to help you:

  1. Make more sales.
  2. Serve even more customers.
  3. Provide those amazing opportunities to your loved ones, which is what roofing sales is all about.

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