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Fix Your Lazy Sales Team For Good and Unleash Competitive Culture

In the competitive world of sales, especially in roofing and solar industries, complacency, laziness, and poor performance are the enemies of success. As sales leaders, it’s essential to foster a company culture where everyone feels a sense of competition, accountability, and a desire to perform at their best. The secret to unlocking the true potential of every salesperson lies in creating this killer company culture.

Redefining Potential

Often, potential is seen as the ability to perform at one’s peak. However, true potential is about continually pushing the boundaries of what we are capable of achieving. This philosophy is central to the success stories we’ve seen in the Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance (RSRA).

One of our standout members and mentors, Kody Landals, CEO of Reimagine Roofing, exemplifies this approach. After adopting my sales system, Kody built an eight-figure roofing company in just three years. In one remarkable month, his company sold over $2.5 million virtually, combining roofing and solar sales. Kody’s innovative, tech-startup-like approach to running a roofing company has been a game-changer.

Creating Accountability in Your Sales Team

Let’s dive into the strategies for building this culture of accountability, inspired by what I’ve learned from Kody and adapted to fit our unique needs at RSRA.

1. Establish a Group Chat

Group chats are a fantastic way to keep everyone connected and accountable. Platforms like Slack allow for different discussion groups or boards. Here’s how to set it up:

  • Wildly Important Goal (WIG): Every morning, each team member posts their WIG for the day. This goal should be something within their control, like following up on all leads or improving their presentation skills. Posting early shows who’s ready to work, and late posts can indicate a lack of commitment.



2. Celebrate Wins

Create a channel dedicated to celebrating wins. This isn’t just for sales; it’s about recognizing all achievements that contribute to the team’s success. Sharing victories, big or small, boosts morale and reinforces a positive, competitive environment.

3. Daily Sales Reports

At the end of each day, have your team post their sales metrics: total value of sales, number of sales, appointments run, and new appointments generated. This transparency ensures everyone knows who’s performing and who needs to step up.

4. Feedback Channel

Weekly feedback is crucial. On Tuesdays, each team member should post something they need feedback on. This could be recordings of sales calls or presentations. Use tools like Rilla Voice, or Ingage to gather these recordings. Feedback sessions help improve skills and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

5. Weekly Reports

Every Friday, team members should submit a weekly report covering:

  • What went well: Highlighting their achievements and good practices.
  • What could be improved: Honest self-reflection on areas for improvement.
  • Action plan for next week: A specific focus area to enhance their performance.

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Implementing Group Accountability

By creating these structured channels, you build an environment where everyone is accountable, not just to you, but to the entire team. This peer pressure can significantly enhance performance and reduce complacency.

Why It Works

This method fosters a culture where everyone is aware of each other’s progress and contributions. It drives individuals to push their limits, knowing that their peers are watching and relying on them. This system also highlights who might need additional support or motivation, allowing you to address issues promptly.



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Creating a killer company culture where accountability and performance are paramount can transform your sales team. Implement these strategies to see your team’s potential truly unleashed. If you want to learn more about joining RSRA, click this link to book your application call.

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