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Get Even Better at Sales, FAST (the Easy Way)

Here’s how you get really good at sales really FAST — and here’s how to do it without:

  • Comparing yourself to what you see online
  • Getting upset by all the chest-thumping egos in the industry Facebook groups
  • Beating yourself up

I’m going to share with you that fast, easy path to get REALLY GOOD at sales, really quickly, so you can smash your income goal and give every customer an absolutely amazing experience.

After all, if you’re like me, you didn’t get into roofing sales because you love roofs. You got into this because it’s an incredible opportunity to:

  • Apply yourself.
  • Be personally challenged.
  • Serve people.
  • Get rewarded very handsomely by earning a boatload of money.

Before we go further, first, I want to say a quick welcome or welcome back. Adam Bensman, here, The Roof Strategist. Everything I do here is designed to help you and your team smash your income goals and give every customer an amazing experience.

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Now, let’s rock and roll.

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How to Improve Your Roofing Sales Skills the FAST & EASY Way

What’s the fastest, easiest path to get really good at sales? I’m going to spill the beans really quick because this does NOT involve:

  • Focusing on this word or that word
  • Using one strategy over another strategy
  • Listening to this piece of advice or that piece of advice.

It’s even simpler than all that.

The way to get really good at sales really quickly is to focus on what moves the needle.

“Moving the needle” in sales means doing certain things that, with a little effort, will help you generate more leads or sales. Let’s look at an example to see how this works.

Example 1: Now, I’m a nerd in the kitchen. I love to cook, and I love Japanese steel knives. Those are my favorite knives to cook with in the kitchen. So, my wife got me these beautiful handmade knives from Japan. These usually don’t come fully sharpened because most folks buying these knives want to choose how they sharpen the knife.

They’ll wet stone, get the right angle for the blade, and hone the blade to the level of sharpness that they want. The average person will say that knife’s sharp without extra honing. BUT the truth is that knife isn’t sharp enough until it can slice through a tomato without bending the skin.

That is how we want to think about sales — a reasonably sharp knife would work fine, but a razor-sharp knife would work far better. And here is a really big difference between the two:

  1. Will both get the job done? Yes, they both can cut. Absolutely.
  2. Will a dull knife be more difficult to use? Of course. Try cutting tomatoes with dull knives, and those tomatoes will just roll away. At that point, it’s almost like using a spoon, instead of a knife.

So, we need to think of this in sales terms and:

  • Take that blunt object, that dull knife.
  • Hone it and get it sharp enough to be good and do the job.
  • From there, we want to fine-tune this level of sharpness so that it’s RAZOR sharp. This is where we start to really refine our skill sets.

So, in sales, we need to:

  • NOT get lost in all the little tips, tricks, and strategies.
  • Focus on what you need to do to generate RESULTS.

What Moves the Needle & Gets Results in Roofing Sales?

As we focus on what’s going to generate results in roofing sales, we need to ask ourselves some questions, like

  • Will this actually move the needle?
  • Will this make a statistically significant difference in my ability to generate leads and close deals?

If “No” is the answer, I don’t pay attention to it. If the task or action will NOT statistically move the needle, we don’t do it. Instead, we focus on what can do better.

In door-to-door roofing sales, what really moves the needle is:

  1. Getting out in front of more doors
  2. Focusing on what we say right when we show up

After all, the hardest part of roofing sales is getting the conversation going. So, if I were working on a roofing installation, that means that I would:

  • Be out during the installation, knocking on all of the neighbors’ doors.
  • Ready to speak at the door, knowing exactly what I’m going to say when a door opens.

And here’s what I’d say:

Hi, my name’s Adam. Listen, the reason I’m stopping by…

At this point, I’d step back and point to the house I’m doing the installation on, mentioning the homeowner by name and saying something like:

Hey, we’re installing the roof. I’m sure you heard the noise.

Listen, I want to give you my card.

Then, I’m going to go into the whole spiel of why I am there to serve the neighborhood.

Now, that’s going to help move the needle because:

  1. I’ve started the conversation.
  2. Later in that conversation, I’ll have a little bit more runway because of the rapport I’ve built with the homeowner.

On the other hand, if I focus exclusively on what I’m going to say once I’m in conversation, I might never get to that point because I failed to focus on the first step.

So, when we focus on what moves the needle, we’re looking for certain skills. Let’s take a look at what those skills are and how they can help you get better at roofing sales faster.

What Skills Do We Need to Get Better in Roofing Sales?

What skill sets do we need to build? Well, let’s look at what needs to be accomplished to ink that deal. To do that, I need to:

  1. Start a conversation.
  2. Keep that conversation going.
  3. Create the need to get up on the roof.
  4. Get invited inside.

Once I’m inside the home, I will then need to:

  1. Learn how to create the need for the homeowner to want my services.
  2. Present my solution.

After I present my solution, next, I need to:

  1. Ask for the business.
  2. Kickstart that crazy awesome relationship.
  3. Ask for those referrals before I leave the house.

By the way, that’s just a quick, high-level snapshot of some of the components in my CAR PARK Closing Formula, which is being used by many, many thousands of people in every state in the U.S., as well as in Canada, Australia, and Sweden.

So, when we focus again on going from okay to good:

  • A good salesperson can still make A LOT of money.
  • With time, you can sharpen that knife and hone those skills.

Again, I want you to just simplify this and focus on this one question:

How do I take the really dull knife and make it sharp enough to do the job?

That’s why my sales system isn’t like all those other roofing training systems out there. They advertise how many how many hours of videos and things like that. With me and my system, that does NOT matter.


Because we need to get someone battle-ready with the FASTEST path possible. That means skipping the fluff.

So, in my system, we can get you trained up in about 9.5 hours for storm or retail, taking you from a totally dull knife to a sharp knife right away.

That’s why sales reps like Eric can sign eight deals on their very FIRST DAY. I’ve also had sales reps:

  • Do over $1.5 million in their first year.
  • Earn about $350,000 in commissions in their very first year (and it was on a short season!).

That’s because they’re able to go through progression quickly, moving from dull to sharp really FAST.

So, if you’re here, you’re doing the right thing and investing in yourself. And I’d like to leave you with some words of wisdom and a little personal note:

  • Forget what you see on the internet.
  • Forget the latest trick of just fine-tuning this word or that word.
  • Just focus on the fundamentals.

With those fundamentals, ask yourself:

  1. Can I start that conversation at the door?
  2. Can I stay in the conversation?
  3. When people challenge me, am I confident in overcoming an objection or do I just leave?
  4. Am I doing the right activities to generate deals?
  5. Am I asking for the business?

So, keep it simple and don’t get in the weeds.

How to Get Better in Roofing Sales FAST: Final Advice

My last piece of advice is to remember to keep it linear and:

  • Focus on what you need to do in order.
  • Don’t overtrain yourself.

The truth is that I see a lot of new roofing sales reps who use learning as an excuse or a distraction. They pick up training as a way to AVOID getting in front of customers when they don’t feel like they’re good enough yet.

And the only way you’re going to feel like you’re good enough to handle customers is with practice. So, I want to close with this — practice, practice, practice, and then PRACTICE MORE.

To do that, you can:

  1. Role play.
  2. Set up a camera and film yourself.
  3. Watch and critique yourself.

If you’re using my sales system, my roleplay training’s included.

When you practice the fundamentals, you can:

  • Transform yourself from a dull knife into a sharp knife.
  • From there, you can continue to hone those skills, turning that sharp edge into a razor-sharp knife.

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