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Grandma’s Advice Could Make You Millions

The advice your grandmother probably gave you before you were four could make you MILLIONS in sales.

Now, if you’re like me:

  • You probably ignored grandma’s advice when you heard it
  • You thought that it was like slowing you down and shackling your ankles — and it felt terrible.
  • You brushed the advice off your shoulder, ignoring what grandma said at first.
  • You looked back as a mature adult, thinking, Maybe she was right!

So, I want to bring back grandma’s advice and share a story with you, including a scar I have because I ignored what my grandmother told me.

Looking back as a salesperson now, if I would’ve heeded my grandmother’s advice, I would’ve made millions and millions and MILLIONS of dollars more, I kid you not.

We’re going to dive into that advice, but first, I want to say welcome or welcome back. My name is Adam Bensman, The Roof Strategist. Everything I do here is designed to help you and your team smash your income goals and give every customer an amazing experience.

And giving customers amazing experiences is even easier when you heed THIS advice.

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How I Got Million-Dollar Advice from My Grandma: A Life Lesson (& Scar)

I want to share a story with you of how I got this advice from my grandmother, and you’ll see very clearly how it ties into roofing sales.

I started running when as a kid because it was exciting. I’m a fast-paced person, and I like to move quickly. As a kid, I had A LOT of energy to burn, kind of like a bull in a China shop (that’s probably why my wife, Sheena, calls me “bruiser”). I’ve always been a get-it-done-fast type.

One day, grandma walks in. As she does, I come running down the hall in a full sprint, and:

  • My brain was going way too fast, and my little feet couldn’t keep up.
  • Before I knew it, one foot caught the other, and I face planted right into a heat exchanger on the floor.
  • I split my forehead wide open (and you can still see my scar from this accident in certain light).
  • I stand up, with blood covering my left eye, still excited to see grandma there.
  • The pain sinks in and grandma turns to me and says, “Slow down.”

That’s it — Slow down.

Now, I NEVER liked to hear those words.

After all, in roofing sales, everything is fast-paced. That’s how we make money. In fact:

  • Most salespeople are wired with the attention span of a gnat.
  • In sales, slowing down can mean giving people the time and attention they deserve while also slowing down to keep up with ourselves.

So, let’s talk about this advice and how it applies to roofing sales.

How Grandma’s Advice Can Earn You Millions in Roofing Sales

If we know how to slow down in the right ways, we CAN use grandma’s advice to make MILLIONS. That’s because:

  1. When we slow down, we have time to think: I speak really quickly because time is money. You’re here to learn, so I want to give you the goods FAST. I’m shooting it straight to the point. After all, our discussions in sales are different than how we talk in other situations, like when we’re talking to partners or loved ones at home or even our best friends. You talk to prospects in a distinct way, and if you go too fast, you will get ahead of yourself.
  2. If we go too fast, we stumble on our words: Have you ever been motor mouthing and then suddenly, you speed up because you’re uncomfortable? That can come across as nerves and false confidence, and homeowners can sense this.
  3. When talk too quickly, we skip things: Our thoughts may not be connected, and we can end up shooting out gibberish. That can just be confusing to the homeowner, and when it happens, they won’t know what’s going on.
  4. Talking too fast can make folks uncomfortable: There’s an intensity to fast speech that can be unsettling. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should lose or mute your passion. You need to keep that enthusiasm but don’t bottle it up. Contain it just
  5. Talking too fast doesn’t provide time for a response: When we talk really fast, sometimes, we’re just really excited, and we want to keep talking, jump in, and even finish others’ sentences for them. I’ve been guilty of this, jumping to conclusions and giving people the answers. And it’s a massively big problem. So, I’ve been doing some coaching with my team recently, with weekly audits and roleplay to practice slowing down. We’ve introduced some other things too, like asking stronger questions and learning more about the people that we serve. Still, that has only been possible by slowing down.

With that, we’ve been able to double our close rate to date. And that’s all because slowing down has:

  • Allowed us to think more clearly.
  • Provided more space for our customers to share.
  • Created more opportunities for us to ask questions and let people answer those questions fully.
  • Given us the chance to ask more follow-up questions.

So, my advice to you is to:

  1. Heed grandma’s advice that she shared with you before you were probably four years old.
  2. Ask yourself if you could be making more sales simply by slowing down your sales appointments
  3. Think about your customers and whether have enough time to talk and ask questions
  4. Consider whether you could be a better listener by slowing down.
  5. Remember NOT to get ahead of yourself, so you can truly develop deep, powerful relationships with your customers.

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