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How & When to Use the “Jump Close” in Roofing Sales

When can you use the “jump close” and what to say to put it in play?

Many of us understand buying-motivated questions, like when people ask about:

  • Products
  • Referrals from a homeowner
  • Costs
  • Timelines for roof installation

These are buying motivator questions, and the amateur salesperson will sometimes:

  1. Take this as a signal that the homeowner wants to BUY RIGHT NOW.
  2. Go in for what’s called the “jump close.”
  3. Blow the sale.

So, I’m going to teach you the number one question that you need to listen out for.

If a customer asks you THIS, you can go right in for the jump close.

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Now, let’s jump in.

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What Is a Jump Close in Roofing Sales?

Let’s define the jump close. Now, normally, you run your presentation from start to finish. At the end, you ask for the business or the deal.

With the jump close, you find a buying “indicator” from the homeowner that is SO HOT that you can skip things in your appointment.

Sometimes, that means reading the customer’s HOT and speeding things up.

Now, I’ve audited tons of sales, sitting in the home as a silent observer and watching folks my dad’s age as I was training them to sell. As I did, I noticed that:

  1. Sales reps would notice customers who are HOT to buy.
  2. The reps would get EXCITED and would just breeze right along because they wanted the deal.
  3. The deal would just CRUMBLE.

Likewise, I’ve watched sales with interested homeowners, with the reps missing key cues or signs that they can use the jump close. They should go in NOW, but they don’t because they:

  • Didn’t pick up on those cues
  • Kept talking and literally talked themselves out of the sale.
  • RUNIED it.

So, first, we need to recognize the ideal time to use the jump close. That’s when:

  1. We see a homeowner’s buying indicator that tells us that we do NOT need to go through all the steps.
  2. We can go right in for the close and get the business.

Now, what is the indicator that tips us off to use the jump close?

Jump Close Indicator in Roofing Sales: What to Look Out for

The indicator for the jump close in roofing sales is NOT going to be statements or questions, like:

Tell me more about the shingle type or the colors.

Can you guys do this on a Saturday?

Or do you have a list of references?

Those are buying-motivated questions for sure. After all, the folks asking these questions are:

  • Expressing interest
  • Highly qualified prospects

Still, the time to use the jump close is when people say things like:

I love that!

That would mean THE WORLD to me.

That would be AMAZING.

When they begin to describe an emotional feeling in response to something you shared, this is where they’re telling you that:

  1. They see the benefits.
  2. They feel the value.
  3. They see how valuable it REALLY

Now, the amateur salesperson is going to go right in for the jump close. Instead of doing that, I encourage you to ASK A QUESTION FIRST. Ask them, “How so? Tell me more.”

So, when that prospect says, Oh my gosh, that would be So, helpful! I LOVE that you could do that for me,” we reply with this something like:

How so?

Why is that?

Tell me more.

With this, the prospect gets a moment to:

  • Elaborate on how much they love what they’re hearing.
  • Literally sell themselves on the benefits and the value that you can provide.
  • Share how excited they are.

THAT is the key indicator and green light to go in for the jump close.

How to Go in for the Jump Close in Roofing Sales: An Example

Here’s an example of how you can go in for the jump close when you get the green light to do so:

Peggy, I’m so glad you asked or said that.

Then, repeat what you just heard that customer say. Next, you follow that up with:

Would you like to chat about the next steps for getting started?

At this point, after you repeat what they’ve said to you, they’re probably going to respond with something like:

I’d love it if you guys could do X, Y, and Z (with “X, Y, and Z” being specifics for the job).

For example, they could say, “I would love it if you could do our install on a Saturday!” They may also compliment you at this point (you know those excitable customers). Then, you can say:

Would you like to chat about the next steps to get started?

That will remind them of that joyful experience they just had.

NOW, that customer or prospect is READY TO GO, and you can go right in for the jump close.

If the customer shows any hesitancy — for any reason — that’s okay. In fact, when this happens:

  1. They’ll pump the brakes.
  2. They’ll say something like, “I’m not quite ready yet. I love what I’m hearing, but I have a few more questions.”

So, that KEY moment before you go in for the jump close, remember to ask:

  1. How?
  2. Why is that?
  3. Can you please tell me more?

If you do, you can get that prospect to:

  • Reveal even MORE information about their needs.
  • Sell themselves.
  • Validate how much VALUE they see in working with you before going in for that jump close.

Now, you know how to look for the cues to use the jump close — and you can:

  • Differentiate the buying-motivated questions from those jump close indicators.
  • Put the jump close into play like an expert on your very next sales appointment.

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