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My TOP Influencers Outside the Roofing Industry

Adam, who do you follow?

Who has inspired your life, the way you think, the way you communicate, and the way you sell?

I’ve been asked over and over again, and the reality is that most of the people who inspire me are from outside the roofing space. In fact, they’re in the far corners of the:

  1. Copywriting world
  2. Digital marketing world
  3. Business world

With all of these folks, I’ve either read their books, listened to their podcast, or done both. These are the people who have REALLY inspired me the most.

Now, if you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who wants to invest in yourself and fuel your mind with new ideas, new ways of doing things, better ways to communicate, and better ways to sell.

So, I want to share some inspirational folks who I’ve NEVER seen mentioned (except for one name that overlaps with a mention in a Facebook discussion group).

I’m going to highlight some influencers who I follow — and who you can turn to whenever you’re looking for a good podcast or book.

Again, the folks discussed herein, except for one, have not been listed inside the roofing community.

My Top Influencers for Roofing Sales: How I Found Them

I ran across a lot of the folks I mention below when I took a break from the roofing space — for the 2nd or 3rd time — because of some not-so-good people in the space.

I stepped away, remaining in the direct sales space and serving as a direct response copywriter in sales (consultant writing sales) to bridge the gap between the marketing and sales side. At the time, I was:

  • Doing Facebook ads
  • Crafting email campaigns
  • Devising direct mail sequences
  • Coaching sales teams

And I’ve had an incredible opportunity to:

  • Move mountains, driving literally over $100 million in sales in a 3-email sequence for a specific type of life insurance.
  • Work with one of Oprah’s top 50 most influential women, running a campaign that lived on her website. She built it and sold it.
  • Work with a financial technology firm to design and write all of the email campaigns, used by thousands of advisors across the U.S., including the Facebook ads to drive new eyeballs onto a page and get the user to book a call with a financial advisor

With all of this experience, I’ve been able to:

  1. Bridge the gap between traditional sales, sales in other avenues, and in-home sales
  2. Really understand buyer psychology while learning to serve tens of thousands of roofing sales reps, as well as thousands of sales reps outside the roofing space.

So, I want to marry these two because I’ve had unique experiences in and outside of the roofing space while remaining in direct sales. This wide breadth of hands-on experience has meant that:

  • I’ve learned in the trenches.
  • A lot of my learning involved these top influencers who are shooting straight with you.

Now, just to be clear, there’s no secret sauce here; this blog is simply focused on sharing some powerful inspiration and introducing you to some cool rabbit holes while highlighting the top influencers who’ve changed:

  1. The way I think
  2. The way I communicate
  3. The way I sell

Right before we do that, though, I also want to share my new FREE training center that’s now available HERE. You can also access it by simply texting “FREE” to (303) 222-7133. When you do:

  • We’ll send you a link for immediate access.
  • You can check out my recommended reading list, featuring the Top 90 books that I truly believe are worth reading (and I don’t put every book on this list). In fact, many of the folks I mention below are also on my recommended reading list.

So, let’s dive into the 14 influencers who have inspired me and continue to do so.

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Influencer #1: Brian Tracy

First and foremost, we have Brian Tracy. If you’ve been following me for a bit, you’ve seen that Brian Tracy has influenced me in a tremendous way.

In fact, I actually got to meet him at the SRC Summit in 2014 (I believe). He spoke there, and it was phenomenal!

Specifically, Brian Tracy’s book, Goals! — How to Get Everything in You Want — Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, was the one book I read when I first got into roofing sales to:

  1. Take my goals and literally put them on paper
  2. Engineer a plan to achieve my first six-figure income
  3. Actually break my income goal and exceed it by ~40%

It was phenomenal, and I attribute that to Brian Tracy. I actually invested in the box set of CDs (back in the day when you could get books on CD), and to date, I’ve listened to or read EVERY SINGLE THING Brian Tracy has ever published.

So, I highly recommend Brian Tracy for:

  1. Motivation
  2. Goal setting
  3. Practical ways of applying these concepts, breaking down the theory, so you can put it into practice

Influencer #2: Joseph Sugarman

Another one of my favorite influencers is Joseph Sugarman. He’s one of the greatest direct response copywriters of all time.

Now, direct response copywriters are like a sales hitman for hire. And Joseph Sugarman ran an agency in Northbrook, Illinois, the town where I grew up, operating a mail order business. So, people with products would come to him for a killer sales letter or an ad to sell their products.

At this time, back when these ads would come via traditional letters, the reader responding to the copy would literally have to mail in a check to buy the product advertised (it took some work).

Despite that, Joseph Sugarman had record-breaking sales.

In fact, Joseph Sugarman even broke records selling a smoke detector, a commodity item (and he inspired one of my presentations on beating the cheapest bids; you may have seen it if you’ve been at an Owens Corning event or inside the Pitch Pro Movement).

I’ve taken a lot of these concepts, heavily inspired by Joseph Sugarman, and I’ve applied them to roofing sales. And there are two of Joseph Sugarman’s books that I highly recommend:

  1. The Adweek Copywriter’s Handbook: Nearly all of the concepts in here to roofing sales, and many direct response copywriters and marketers, like Joseph Sugarman, started in door-to-door sales.
  2. Triggers: This focuses on all of the things that make people take action.

Influencer #3: Dan Kennedy

Have you ever seen the Proactiv® commercials? Dan Kennedy is the mastermind behind the Proactiv®  Campaigns (and a whole bunch more), and I’ve been inspired by his series of books called the No BS Series.

Full disclosure — I haven’t read every single one of the books in this series; still, the ones that I have read have made it onto my recommended reading list.

Now, Dan Kennedy is someone to turn to for:

  • Mindset
  • Time management
  • Strategic business decisions
  • ALL things sales.

In fact, get this — Dan Kennedy didn’t even operate via email. If you had to communicate with him:

  1. You had to send him a fax.
  2. The fax went to his office person who screened it before giving it to him to then make calls.
  3. He didn’t carry his cellphone or let anyone have his number.

Why? Because he guarded his time and he’s:

  • A total powerhouse
  • One of the MOST well-paid marketers of our time

So, check out the No BS Series by Dan. They’re really fantastic books.

Influencer #4: Simon Sinek

Next is Simon Sinek. Now, you may be thinking, Hey, I read that book, Start With Why! Actually, that’s NOT what got me into Simon Sinek. Instead, I read his book called The Infinite Game.

Now, I have talked to one of my fellow mentors in the Pitch Pro Movement, Deshaun Bryant, about Simon Sinek and this concept of:

  • A “game” that never ends
  • The rules that are changing in this game of life and business

That’s changed the way that I bring myself to my work, the meaning I apply to it, and how I view the “competitors.” And as Simon Sinek has shared, I really don’t believe I have any actual competitors.

Truthfully, no one in my space is offering what I provide in terms of the holistic suite, including the:

  • Marketing materials
  • Leadership and sales elements
  • Same delivery, in the same way, at the same price point

Simon Sinek shifted my mindset. Instead of looking at others as the “competition,” I see them as “worthy adversaries.” And The Infinite Game is a GREAT book on leadership. It can help you apply meaning to your personal development and growth whether that’s in business or on the personal side.

Influencer #5: Russell Brunson

The next guy is someone who I did not like very much when I first ran into him, and he’s Russell Brunson, the creator of ClickFunnels.

Now, if you’ve spent any time in the digital marketing world, you’ve heard the name ClickFunnels — and like Deshaun Bryant says, you don’t have to like someone to learn from them.

So, when I checked my ego, I started to be a lot more receptive. And Russell Brunson really gets into the psychology of sales and what moves people when it comes to:

  • Messaging and communication
  • The tactical side of getting people to convert and take action

Russell Brunson has a lot of books in the marketing world. So, even if you’re thinking, I’m in sales not marketing, Russell Brunson’s concepts still apply, and he shares some really valuable things.

Influencer #6: Perry Marshall

Most people have never heard of the next person on my list, and that’s Perry Marshall.

He’s one of the pioneers behind Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and he’s like the “silent marketer” who all these crazy successful businesses would hire without really knowing about him.

Actually, Perry Marshall pioneered a whole lot of innovative strategies, especially in the digital space.

And what he’s done really well is find more effective ways to problem solve in business. In fact, he details that in several books, including:

  1. 80/20 Sales and Marketing
  2. Detox, Declutter, Dominate (This is a phenomenal read at only 64 pages, and it actually changed how I positioned our programs, inspiring a lot of what I do today. It includes actionable steps to absolutely BLOW UP your sales game.)

Influencers #7 & 8: Joe Polish & Dean Jackson

Next is a combo of influencers — Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. So, these guys are both marketers. In fact, Joe Polish actually came from the carpet cleaning world (so, in-home services), pioneering ways to grow and market his carpet cleaning business. As he did that, he became a LEADER in the marketing space.

Joe Polish runs a podcast called the I Love Marketing with a gentleman named Dean Jackson, who is another phenomenal marketer

On their podcast, Joe and Dean give, give, and GIVE when it comes to:

  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Buying psychology
  • Strategic moves to make in the marketing and sales aspects of your business

These guys are GREAT to listen to, so I encourage you to check out their podcast (if you do, you can jump back into historical episodes, downloading the ones that you like).

Influencer #9: Michael Masterson

Next on my list is Michael Masterson. That’s actually a pen name, meaning it’s not the gentleman’s real name, but he is a copywriter. And he’s written many, many copywriting books.

In fact, everything that this man writes is sheer brilliance.

So, Michael Masterson is a great go-to if you’re looking for inspiration to find the most digestible and clearest way to condense your BIG ideas into short, punchy headlines, ads, and messaging that:

  1. Really resonates with people
  2. Moves people to take action

Now, Michael Masterson’s books are harder to find in print (I think they’re only available on Kindle). Still, if you’re interested in sales psychology, communication, and messaging, you do NOT want to miss out on Michael Masterson.

Influencer #10: Robert Cialdini

Next, we have Robert Cialdini. If you’ve been in sales for more than a day, you’ve probably heard of or read his book, Influence. In it, he breaks down:

  1. The 6 most powerful influencing factors
  2. How these frameworks can be used in terms of social proof, authority, and reciprocity
  3. How to implement this within a sales ecosystem, based on studies and direct experience

Along with Influence, he also released another book more recently called Pre-suasion, and that’s really about everything leading up to the point of influence (I really like that one). It’s a dense read, so take your time with that.

Influencer #11: Alex Hormozi

The next name — Alex Hormozi  — comes up a lot in roofing groups. In fact, I first stumbled on him in the gym world. He’s kind of bro-y, and when I started watching him on his YouTube channel and listening to his podcast, The Game, I thought, this man is brilliant!

Specifically, he is truly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to:

  • Strategic decisions in business
  • Where to apply our time
  • How to sell and package our products and services, so they’re totally irresistible

I absolutely LOVE the way Alex Hormozi thinks. And I love the facts that:

  1. He marches to the beat of his own drum.
  2. He’s built this massive empire and a business portfolio worth ~$150 million in an innovative way, simply by writing his own rules.

In his book, Gym Launch Secrets, he talks about launching gyms. And everything he says applies to what we do in roofing sales.

He also wrote another book called, Hundred Million Dollar Offers. That’s a phenomenal book about how to present your sales offer in a truly irresistible way.

Influencers #12 & 13: Jack Schaffer and Joe Navarro

The next two influencers, Jack Schaffer and Joe Navarro, kind of go together.

They’re both FBI agents, and if you’ve joined me at an Owens Corning event (or another speaking or training event), you probably heard me talk about Joe Navarro and Jack Schaffer a ton.

That’s because FBI agents inspire me SO much; they have access to virtually endless resources thanks to the tax dollars you and I pay, and they can test these theories and concepts at scale in high-stakes environments, like running interrogations and spotting foreign spies.

Joe Navarro is the guy when you want to learn about nonverbal communication; he’s the man who helped me understand that. In fact, even though I thought I was pretty good at reading nonverbals or knowing body language, I realized I knew nothing when I started to get into his stuff.

In fact, Joe Navarro helped me learn how to:

  • Modify my body language to communicate more clearly
  • Observe others’ body language more carefully
  • Carry myself while communicating clearly

Similarly, Jack Schaffer wrote a couple of books — The Like Switch and The Truth Detector — and both of those are great for discovering more about nonverbal communication.

Influencer #14: Marcus Sheridan

Last but not least is Marcus Sheridan. He has inspired me A TON. In fact, my YouTube channel was directly inspired by Marcus Sheridan’s book called, They Ask You Answer.

I actually got the chance to meet Marcus Sheridan at the Roofing Process Conference last year. I shook his hand, and it was amazing! In fact, we also got to spend time over the break talking about the YouTube channel and its growth.

And I’ve taken the concepts he laid out in his book, adapting them to our industry. So, remember, content is your move, and Marcus Sheridan’s book is an absolute must-read IF you want to:

  • Get into content marketing
  • Make videos
  • Write blogs
  • Become more magnetic
  • Create an amazing experience

By the way, I also recommend going to Roofing Process Conference this year to get inspired. If you’re going, get your VIP ticket because I’ll be running a sales workshop kickoff on the 14th (I believe), the first day before the event officially starts. It’ll be a 2-hour sales workshop — I cannot wait to see you there (and I’ll be sharing some exciting news at the event!).

Roofing Sales Inspiration: Who Influences You?

Now, you know the top 14 people who have influenced me the most, both in and outside of roofing sales. These folks have changed how I think, how I communicate, and how I sell.

Who has influenced you?

Post your response — and share any books or podcasts you recommend — in the comments on YouTube or on Facebook.

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