Your 1st Second & What NOT to Do

Your 1st second at the door will make or break the sale. Learn what NOT to do. Then, use this simple strategy to start easier conversations in door-to-door roofing sales. Read More

NEVER Say These Words in Roof Sales

No-no words when you’re selling roofs? Yes, these are the words that you should NEVER use in roofing sales. Here’s why and what you should say instead, so you can CLOSE MORE. Read More

Perfect “Elevator Pitch”

When someone asks, "What do you do?” you respond with your "elevator pitch." Here’s my 3-step formula for creating the PERFECT pitch every time and turning those casual conversations into new customers. Read More

Icebreakers in D2D Roofing Sales (Even for Ugly Houses)

How can you quickly build an authentic connection in door-to-door roofing sales? And how do you do that even if the house is UGLY and there's nothing to compliment? By using these icebreakers, instead of canned compliments (which could come across as insulting). Read More

Should You Negotiate?

Negotiating isn’t JUST about price. It’s also about perception and what that back-and-forth makes your customers think and feel. Here’s my take on negotiating prices in roofing sales, why some companies do it, and what to do if you have to negotiate prices. Read More

Stop Winging It & Do This Instead

Winging it does NOT work. When we wing it, we forget stuff, we get tripped up, & we leave things out. We also lose sales. So, STOP winging it & try these three strategies instead. They could help you with pitches at the door, objection handling & closing, so you’re winning deals (and not winging it). Read More

Advice for New Roofing Sales Reps

Looking for advice to fast-track your success in roofing sales? Here's my advice, along with some helpful tips from other experienced roofing sales pros. This is going to empower you to break through those hurdles & CRUSH it if you’re brand-new to roofing sales. Read More