3 Dominoes to CLOSE in Roofing Sales

Are you getting shut down at the door by homeowners who say things like, ‘I have to ask my wife first,’ ‘I don’t need a roof,’ or ‘Your estimate is too high’? If so, this powerful 3 Dominoes strategy can help you overcome these (& other) common objections, so you can build more trust & earn more sales. Read More

Your Best Year EVER By Doing This One Thing Every Day

This is the #1 life-changing daily routine that I started when I got into roofing sales. It's the main reason that I was able to SMASH my income goal by 40% — even when the cards were stacked against me. Learn what that habit is and exactly what to do. It’s easy and fun. Plus, it’s going to set you up for your best year EVER — I promise. I wouldn't be here today if I didn't do this. Read More