Easy Leads for Sales Reps

EASY roofing sales leads? Yes, it IS possible with direct mail. Homeowners’ mailboxes are LESS COMPETITIVE than darn-near anything else. Find out how it all works and how to make direct mail work for you in storm or retail roofing sales! Read More

“I Don’t Want to Be Pushy”

Worried about being too pushy? Running into common objections at the end of your sales appointment? LOSING DEALS because of it? Find out how to turn this around by learning about the key differences between being pushy vs. being persistent in roofing sales. If you do, you’ll be able to keep the sale going, get past common objections, and CLOSE MORE DEALs with happier customers! Read More

5 Reasons Why Solar Seems Sleazy

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What Is a Contingency Agreement for Roofing?

What is a contingency agreement in roofing? Whether you're new to roofing sales, a homeowner, or a contractor, this explains what a contingency agreement IS and is NOT. This is a MUST KNOW for anyone who's buying or selling roofs. Read More

WORST vs BEST Sales Questions to Ask

If you want to make even MORE SALES, you need to ask even BETTER QUESTIONS. Here are the top 3 worst vs best questions to ask in roofing sales. Nail these, and you'll make more sales and have even happier customers! Read More