Financing Roof Deductibles Made Easy

How can you help a homeowner replace a storm-damaged roof if they can't afford to pay their deductible? Here are 3 EASY ways to finance roof deductibles and start winning business from a whole NEW set of customers (who you couldn’t serve before). Read More

Fighting Against The HORRIBLE Reputation of Roofers

The HORRIBLE reputation of roofers — we get hit in the face with this EVERY SINGLE DAY. Homeowners see roofers called SCAMMERS, CON ARTISTS, and CROOKS by the news, fellow roofers, and even insurance companies. Find out how to protect yourself while staying proud of who you are and how you serve. Read More

HORRIFYING Truth About Competing on Price in Roofing Sales

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One Word to Beat Deductible Eaters in D2D Roofing Sales

“They’ll eat my deductible.” Discover the ONE WORD that can help you overcome this common objection in door-to-door roofing sales. If you use this ONE WORD the right way in two questions, you can REALLY start to overcome this objection for good & earn MORE business. Read More