3 Keys to Ace Your Pitch in Roofing Sales

Are you struggling to pitch, overcome objections & close in roofing sales? Turn it all around & ACE your roofing sales pitch in any situation by mastering these 3 key elements. The better you are with these 3 things, the more you’ll close & earn in roofing sales! Read More

Make More Money By Tracking This in Roofing Sales

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Why Insurance Pays for Roofs

Running into homeowners who don’t want to file a claim? Well, they probably do NOT understand WHY insurance companies pay for roofs. Here’s how to lay it all out, so they get it — and so they see why it’s in their best interests to act now. This will help you sign MORE deals & show that you really CARE about your customers’ experience. Read More

9 Industries to Recruit from

Where’s the best place to find new roofing sales reps to hire? These 9 industries. I’ve compiled this list of the 9 BEST industries to recruit roofing sales reps from after training THOUSANDS of sales reps at countless companies across the U.S. Read More

3 Traits to Be Likeable

Make it easy for homeowners to LIKE you and say YES more by honing these 3 simple traits. These traits can help you be even more likeable, so you earn more $$ & referrals, make your customers happier & take far greater enjoyment in what you do. Read More