5 Reasons Why Solar Seems Sleazy

This is what held me back from getting into solar, despite countless requests. Once I got past these SLEAZY solar sales tactics, I felt comfortable helping roofers start to sell solar. Here’s why and how to ethically sell solar with roofs and provide an even more AMAZING experience for your customers. Read More

What Is a Contingency Agreement for Roofing?

What is a contingency agreement in roofing? Whether you're new to roofing sales, a homeowner, or a contractor, this explains what a contingency agreement IS and is NOT. This is a MUST KNOW for anyone who's buying or selling roofs. Read More

WORST vs BEST Sales Questions to Ask

If you want to make even MORE SALES, you need to ask even BETTER QUESTIONS. Here are the top 3 worst vs best questions to ask in roofing sales. Nail these, and you'll make more sales and have even happier customers! Read More

CLOSING Steps (Shockingly Simple – DON’T Overcomplicate This!)

What if you could create an experience that customers LOVED & that made you MONEY? It doesn't have to be so complicated. Closing sales requires asking the RIGHT questions and delivering the RIGHT information in the RIGHT order. Learn 5 simple steps that will get you closing even more in roofing sales. Read More

WORST Advice Given in Roofing Sales (& Most Common)

This is the WORST and most widespread advice I hear in roofing sales. Unfortunately, when new sales reps get this advice, it leads to continual failure, false expectations, and second-guessing oneself. Then, they quit or get fired. Here’s why and what to know instead. Read More

ANXIETY: Breaking the Mental Shackles

Anxiety is crippling, suffocating & LIMITING. I know because I’ve struggled with anxiety for most of my life. Here, I share my journey, along with advice for those who deal with anxiety regularly (or only in certain situations). Read More