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Re-Inspections on Storm Damaged Roof Claims? How to Get Homeowners on Your Side

It’s a stab to the heart, a stab to your integrity. I’m talking about semi-contingency.

That’s when you meet with the adjuster, they get off the roof, and they tell the homeowner directly (with you standing behind them) that:

  • They didn’t see any damage.
  • They’re only paying for a few small repairs.
  • You basically don’t know what you’re looking for or what you’re talking about.

Now, you have this wedge drawn between you, the homeowner, and the insurance company.

When that happens, the homeowner’s going to think one of two things:

  1. My insurance company is evil, so I’m glad Adam’s here. OR…
  2. I trust my insurance company, who I’ve been with forever, and Adam’s a scum bag.

Either way, it’s very, very difficult because we’re now facing this uphill battle with these denials or partial payments. Here, our mission is to clearly communicate how to get that re-inspection filed.

That is what I’ll be teaching you — three very simple explanations or points to share with homeowners to get them back on your side.

Whether they’re distrusting or just upset about the situation, this exact process is going to help you get that re-inspection filed whenever folks already agree with their insurance company and think they don’t have damage.

Before we get into it, I just want to say welcome or welcome back. My name is Adam Bensman, The Roof Strategist. Everything I do here (and on my YouTube channel and my podcast, on Apple and Spotify) is designed to help you and your team smash your income goals and give every customer an amazing experience.

Now, let’s dive in.

How to Get a Homeowner Back on Your Side & Get a Roof Re-Inspection: 3 Simple Steps

Sometimes, the roofing claims experience doesn’t start off so amazing for homeowners. And it’s up to us to save it.


By using the three simple steps I’m going to teach you (below).

As always, I’m going to give you what I call the “long-winded” version of these explanations. The reason is that some homeowners need you to go really deep. They need more hand holding and coddling while others just want you to cut to the chase.

So, as I share these explanations with you, I want you to grab the bits and pieces that work for the scenarios you’re in. Let’s get started.

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Step 1: Explain What a Re-Inspection Is

We want to explain the re-inspection in a way that’s going to overcome the common questions and concerns that homeowners have. To do that, here’s what we say to homeowners:

Mr. Homeowner, a re-inspection is your right. It’s an opportunity to get another set of eyeballs on your claim.

Listen, your home insurance is an expensive package. You’re paying your premiums every month. And the re-inspection just gives you the right to have another set of eyes there.

Mr. Homeowner, just please know that this doesn’t ding you. Your claim has already been filed.

There are no fees involved with this. It’s not going to change your claims history because the claim has already been opened.

This is simply your right for another inspection.

Step 2: Explain Why They Want a Re-Inspection of Their Roof

Next, we need to explain the benefits of the re-inspection very simply. We do that by saying:

Mr. Homeowner, if you were to receive news, let’s say from a doctor, and the doctor says you need major surgery. What do you say?

Do you just say, ‘All right. When do I schedule?’


You seek a second opinion to validate or get another perspective on your current situation.

One doctor says you need surgery. Then, the next one says that you should try physical therapy or another treatment first, before major surgery.

And that’s how insurance adjusters work, just like this subjective experience in health care. Because the criteria for hail damage or wind damage or hurricane damage changes year over year with the same insurance company. And it’s up to the interpretation of the adjuster who’s out there.

At this point, tell your stories. I know you have stories about that one roof that got approved when there was no damage. Then, the next roof you’re on is totally smoked, but the insurance company denies it. So, you end up fighting tooth and nail for justice for that homeowner.

We need to explain that this subjective experience is why we take advantage of that second opinion.

How to Use ‘Risk Reversal’ to Explain Why a Roof Re-Inspection Is Needed

Now, besides explaining the obvious of ‘why’ of roof re-inspections and getting the second opinion, we also need to use a tactic called risk reversal.

This is where we remove ALL of the homeowners’ fears and concerns about calling in that re-inspection. Essentially, we need to remind them that they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. And here’s how we do it. We just say:

Hey, Mr. Homeowner, I just want to remind you that this reinspection is entirely free.

And what’s the worst-case scenario here?

The worst-case scenario is they come back out, and we’re in the same position. Remember, the claim has been filed, and it doesn’t cost you anything. It’s not going to take any of your time because I’m going to handle it.

So, worst case, we’re in this situation that we’re in, and it literally can’t get any worse.

Best-case scenario, on the other hand, is that we get your roof entirely approved. And that means you have a brand-new roof, brand new products with a manufacturer’s warranty, our labor warranty, and a roof that will serve you for decades to come.

So, you essentially have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

That’s how we take away their concerns. We remind the homeowner that:

  1. It’s free. There’s zero cost for a roof re-inspection.
  2. The worst-case scenario leaves them in the exact same spot they’re in right now (it can’t get worse).
  3. The best-case scenario gets them a new roof.

Step 3: Explain How You Help Homeowners & Why They Need You

Now, this is the important part. Once a homeowner understands what the re-inspection is and why they need it, we need to explain why they need YOU.

When I say this, I want you to think about what happens if you don’t do this — if you don’t explain why they need you.

What are they going to do? They’re going to say something like this:

Well, you know what? Thanks for explaining this to me. I’m going to call in for that re-inspection, see what they say, and we’ll be in touch. Maybe you can give me an estimate.

If that happens, suddenly, the power of that contingency agreement goes away. We did all this work. Plus, we know that there’s a much lower likelihood of them going to bat on their own and getting a favorable outcome without us. So, we lose the deal.

That’s why this step is critically important. It clearly communicates why they need you. And you can do that by:

  1. Showcasing your expertise
  2. Showcasing the value you bring to the process
  3. Emphasizing it’s the last chance for re-inspection

Let’s take a closer look at each of these points.

Step 3a: Showcase Your Expertise

We want to position ourselves differently than “just a roofer.” We are, in fact, insurance claims experts and storm damage experts. Of course, use the language that’s suitable for the state that you work in.

As you explain your expertise, communicate the facts that:

  • Your company has access to the same software and process that the insurance company uses.
  • Should you find any additional damage, you can easily document it and submit it to the insurance company on the homeowner’s behalf.
  • You know how this process works. You have roofing industry expertise and expertise in navigating these claims because you and your company have done this hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

Step 3b: Showcase the Value You Bring

When people pay, they pay attention. That’s one of my favorite quotes from a gentleman named Russell Brunson. And it applies here. Because when homeowners don’t see the value in our representation, they don’t appreciate it. Even though they’re not paying, they need to know there are costs involved.

We can explain this and showcase the value we bring by saying:

Hey, Mr. Homeowner, I just want you to know the value we provide to the home and to you, whether it’s our time meeting with you now, meeting with the insurance company, our software that the insurance company uses, our back-end office support, and communicating with the insurance company regarding the details of repairs and why and how stuff needs to get handled.

Obviously, it’s expensive, but we do not bill for it.

And that expense will never land on you.

If you explain it like that, they’re going to see that value, especially if you follow up with:

Also, Mr. Homeowner, I just want you to know that although there are expenses involved, the only way we get paid is by becoming the contractor of choice or the roofer of choice to do the work to replace your roof.

This is powerful language — “contractor of choice.” It means they have the choice. But, of course, they’re going to be choosing you, especially if you’re working on a contingency agreement.

So, by hitting these points — your expertise and the value you bring as the contractor of choice — they can now see the value. They know they need you there. To remind them and really drive this point home, we can say:

Mr. Homeowner, just as a reminder, you literally have everything to gain and nothing to lose. So, if we don’t get this approved, you won’t be stuck with any bills.

This contingency agreement will just be dust in the wind. And I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t believe there was a fair shot at getting your roof approved.

Step 3c: Emphasize It’s Their Last Chance for Re-Inspection

Finally, this is the nail in the coffin that can really drive home point of why a homeowner needs you. Here’s what we say:

Mr. Homeowner, here’s the last thing I want to share. Do you remember how I said you get that free second opinion?

Well, this second opinion is your last opinion before you would have to pursue legal action, an appraisal, or both. That can be very time consuming and expensive.

So, with this being the second and also your last shot, it’s in your best interest to have an insurance restoration expert or storm damage expert like myself here to help you get the best possible outcome.

So, what do you say Mr. Homeowner? Are you ready to get this called in since you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose?

Recap: 3 Steps to Getting Re-Inspections & Earning More Roofing Sales

Summing it all up, here are the simple talking points to clearly explain to homeowners, so they understand the importance of a re-inspection and the value you bring to the process. Explain:

  1. What a re-inspection is
  2. Why they should take advantage of the re-inspection, addressing their concerns and highlighting that there’s really no risk for them
  3. Why they need you

Remember, this will work for:

  1. Partially paid claims
  2. Denied claims
  3. Customers you meet for the first time at the door and whose insurance company has already been out

Finally, if you’re working in a fringe area and you have ethical concerns over selling damage that’s minor or nominal, let me ask you this — would you call it in if it was your house? Check out my video, ETHICS OBJECTION? Selling Hail Damaged Roofs That Are NOT Leaking? NOT Badly Damaged? Seems Fine?, for more on how to deal with this issue.

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