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Roofing Sales OBJECTION: Leave Your Business Card & We’ll Call You

Everything’s going peachy.

Then, the customer says something like:

Hey, just leave your business card, and we’ll call you if we’re interested.

Leave your business card. I’ll talk to my husband or my wife, and we’ll give you a call.

For those who are new to door-to-door roofing sales, this can be really exciting. They talk about how they dropped info off, and they’re waiting for that phone to ring with that prospect who just can’t wait to buy a roof.

But after you’ve been in door-to-door roofing sales for a bit, you realize this is purely a fantasy.


Because we quickly learn that hearing, “Leave your business card,” is really just another way of saying:

I’m a really nice person. Get the hell off my doorstep. I don’t want to see you again.

Of course, people don’t ever say that to your face.

So, I’m going to teach you how to take this objection and flip it into a sales opportunity, sharing a real-world example of how I did this as a total newbie.

Not only did I ink the deal back then, but I also won a customer who absolutely LOVED me.

By the way, welcome or welcome back. My name is Adam Bensman, The Roof Strategist.

Everything I do here — and on my YouTube channel, Instagram, my podcast (on Apple and Spotify), and in my all-in-one sales training, sales strategy, and sales system — is designed to help you and your team smash your income goals and give every customer an amazing experience.

And you and I both know that the MOST rewarding customers we earn are the resistant people — the ones who said “no,” at first. Then, suddenly, they turn into your RAVING fans, and they love you.

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How to Overcome the Business Card Objection in D2D Roofing Sales: A Quick Story

I’m going to share a brief story with you about what happened to me on the doorstep of a stay-at-home mom’s house.

It was my very first year in door-to-door roofing sales. I was knocking on doors, and I kept getting this nice-guy rejection. Homeowners kept telling me, “Hey, just leave your business card. We’ll call you if we’re interested.”

For the first few weeks, I handed out my business card, and I felt like I was filling my pipeline.

Then, I realized NO ONE CALLED.

So, I thought about it and decided to take matters into my own hands.

And I learned this technique that I’m about to teach you because I truly did run out of business cards.

No Business Cards in D2D Roofing Sales?

To this day, I do NOT own one business card. People ask me all the time, “Do you have business cards?”

And the answer is “no.” Here’s why.

If I give you my business card, who’s in control?

YOU ARE because:

  • I do NOT have your info.
  • I do NOT have any way to reach back out to you.
  • You are NOT really a lead to me.

D2D Roofing Sales Script: What to Say Instead of Giving Out Business Cards

So, at that moment when the homeowner asked me for my business card, I thought, I’m going to take matters into my own hands. And that’s exactly what I did.

The homeowner asked, “Hey, can you leave your business card? We’ll call you if we’re interested.” That’s when I patted my pockets down and:

  1. I said, “You know what? I’m so sorry. I just ran out of business cards.”
  2. I grabbed my pen from my shirt and bladed (angled) my stance
  3. I turned to the homeowner, with my notepad in hand, and said, “Hey, do you have any objection if I take your name and phone number for a friendly follow up and I’ll shoot you my information?

Then, I simply looked back down at my clipboard in silence, and I waited. That caught the homeowner a little off guard because she’s thinking, Whoa, I DID ask for his info.

So, as Robert Cialdini says in his book, 6 Principles of Influence, that homeowner had consistency. She had already said, “Hey, I want your info. I’ll call you if we’re interested.” That’s why she gave me her info — even after a couple of moments of awkward silence. She was behaving consistently.

And after she gave me her info, I text my info over to her, so she had everything. Then, a few days later, I made that friendly follow-up call, as promised, and she answered the phone. Here’s what happened next:

Me: Hey, this is Adam with a friendly follow-up from when I was at your house last Tuesday. How are you doing?

Homeowner: Great!

Me: Hey, I text you some information, and I just wanted to follow up. How did it go reviewing everything with your husband?

Homeowner: You know what? Can you come back out?

So, I went back out, and I ended up closing that deal.

How to Turn Objections into Roofing Sales Leads: Key Takeaway

You need to stay in control of the sale by getting the customer’s information. You want to get their information, even if it’s a little uncomfortable for you because, after all:

  1. You have nothing to lose.
  2. The chances are they’re never going to call you anyway.

So, here’s what you do:

  1. You say: Hey, you know, what? I don’t actually have a card. I just ran out of business cards.
  2. You grab your pen.
  3. You blade your stance, so you’re standing at an angle.
  4. You look down at that piece of paper, letting the homeowner look over your shoulder.
  5. You say something like, Hey, do you have any objection if I grab your contact info and I’ll shoot you all my details? OR, Hey, do you have any objection if I take your name and number for a friendly follow-up call in a few days?

BOOM. There it is — you get their phone number or their email address using that famous one-liner, Do you have any objections?

When we look at the psychology behind it, it works because people want to say “no.” And by saying “no,” to that question, they’re saying they do NOT have any objection, and they end up agreeing to play along with you because it’s all disarming to them.

So, there you have it — a new tool to get customers’ information and get real leads the next time a homeowner tells you to leave your business card and they’ll call you if they’re interested.

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