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Same Day Close For Homeowners Who Want to Wait (Step-By-Step)

Do you have customers who are on the verge of making a decision but can’t seem to commit? They might say things like, “The damage doesn’t look that bad; I don’t want to file a claim,” or, “I’ll wait until next year.” These objections can be frustrating, especially when you know that proceeding now is in their best interest. In this post, we’ll explore a powerful method to address these hesitations and help your customers cross the finish line.


Understanding the Hesitation

When customers shift from an emotional decision-making process to a logical, analytical one, they start to doubt the necessity of the purchase. They might think, “Does this really make sense?” It’s crucial to acknowledge this shift and address it head-on.



The Story of Gerald: A Lesson in Persistence

Let me share the story of Gerald, one of my most memorable customers. Gerald was in his late 80s, living in a neighborhood hit by a hailstorm. His roof was in terrible shape, and I knew he needed a new one soon. However, Gerald wasn’t interested. He kicked me off his property multiple times. But on my fourth visit, I finally connected with him.

I told Gerald that my goal was to help him understand the condition of his roof and his options, whether he chose to work with me or not. This approach finally got him to listen. After showing him photos of his damaged roof, he agreed to file a claim. We completed the work, and Gerald and his wife were so grateful that they invited me for dinner and gave me a gift basket. This experience reinforced the importance of persistence and genuine care for the customer’s needs.


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The Sales Technique: Worst Case, Best Case Scenario

To overcome objections, use the “Worst Case, Best Case Scenario” exercise. This helps shift the customer’s focus from a purely logical analysis to a balanced view of potential outcomes.


Step-by-Step Process

  1. Acknowledge and Reassure: Start by acknowledging the customer’s hesitation. For example, “I understand that you don’t want to move forward right now because the damage doesn’t seem that bad.”
  2. State Your Mission and Purpose: At the beginning of your sales appointment, clearly state your mission: “My goal is to understand your needs, show you your options, and help you make the best decision, even if it’s not with me.”
  3. List the Worst Case Scenarios: Sit down with the customer and write out all their worst-case concerns. Address each one logically:
    • Cost Concerns: Explain the rising costs of roofing materials and how delaying could cost them more in the long run.
    • Insurance Rates: Clarify that insurance rates might go up regardless of their decision, and it’s better to utilize their coverage now.
  4. List the Best Case Scenarios: Outline the best outcomes of proceeding now, such as:
    • Getting a new roof with minimal out-of-pocket expense due to insurance coverage.
    • Avoiding higher future costs and interest rates.
  5. Address Each Concern: Go through each listed item and provide solutions or reassurances. For instance, if they worry about insurance premiums, explain the inevitability of rate increases and the benefits of utilizing their insurance now.
  6. Help Them Make a Decision: After addressing their concerns, help the customer weigh the pros and cons. Ensure they understand that you’re there to assist, not just to make a sale.



Applying the Technique in Your Sales Process

This method is not just about closing a sale but genuinely helping your customers make informed decisions. It builds trust and demonstrates your commitment to their best interests.


Example Script

Here’s a condensed script to use during your sales appointments:

  1. Opening: “Mr. Homeowner, my mission today is to understand your needs, show you your options, and help you make a decision, even if it’s not with me.”
  2. Addressing Objections: “I understand you want to wait because the damage doesn’t seem severe. Let’s look at the worst-case and best-case scenarios together.”
  3. Listing Scenarios: Write down their concerns and potential benefits, addressing each one logically.
  4. Decision Making: “Given these points, which option do you feel is best for you?”



Using the Worst Case, Best Case Scenario exercise can transform hesitant prospects into satisfied customers. It shows them that you care about their needs and are committed to helping them make the best decision.

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By following these steps, you’ll be better equipped to close deals with indecisive customers, turning potential losses into rewarding successes. Keep practicing, and you’ll soon see the benefits of this approach in your sales performance.



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