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Shocking Truth: Earn a LOT More $ Tracking This Number

You have ONE THING holding back your income in roofing sales, and this applies to virtually every single roofing salesperson out there.

Until you figure out how to break through this ONE THING, the cap on your income, you’ll forever be stuck at that point.

Now, this is not all doom and gloom. So, don’t you worry because I’m going to teach you:

  • How to calculate your actual worth
  • What you are worth every single hour

Unfortunately, this exercise is SHOCKING — and not in a good way for most folks. That’s because many folks will end up seeing that number and thinking it was like three to four times higher than it actually is.

So, we’re going to:

  1. Do this exercise here together.
  2. See how the number one limiting factor in sales — which is NOT your ability to sell — is your TIME. Time holds us back.

Now, instead of me telling you all about time management, we are going to figure out what you’re actually worth per hour.

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Roofing Sales by the Hour: How I Figured Out My “Worth”

I want to share with you how I discovered what I was actually worth per hour and what it’s done for me. Back in one of my best years in the roofing business, my boss bought me a 1991 Corvette ZR1. That was my Christmas bonus and dream car.

I was the chief operating officer of the company, and we had a fantastic year. My top-line revenue was the best that I’d ever done. Then, I got this awesome car on top of it. I thought:

  • I was on TOP OF THE WORLD.
  • I was making ALL this money per hour.

Then, I sat down with a pen and paper and:

  • I went through the exercise that you and I are going to do right here.
  • I looked at the number in SHOCK.
  • I realized that I basically had TWO FULL-TIME JOBS.
  • I had a total AWAKENING moment, realizing that the top-line revenue, although important, is really not what’s important.

So, what’s important?

It’s your hourly rate or your effective hourly rate (EHR). I’m going to get into that more shortly.

Now, if we keep chasing more and more money, we keep working more and more and more. And that’s where I found myself:

  • I worked more and more and more.
  • My hourly rate actually dropped.

That’s when I shifted gears. Instead of trying to make more money:

  • I focused on my effective hourly rate.
  • I changed how I looked at my time and how I structured my days.
  • I shifted modes, changing from “reactive” mode to being hyper-planned and hyper-focused.

With that, I CRANKED my income up, doubling it, doubling it, doubling it, and doubling it again. Since then, my income has increased by three, four, and even five times what it was.

And that’s all because I’ve focused on my HER — my effective hourly rate — which we’re going to get into right now.

First, I want to say a quick welcome or welcome back. Adam Bensman, here. I’m The Roof Strategist, and everything I do here is designed to help you smash your income goal and give every customer an amazing experience.

To do that, you HAVE to know:

  1. What your effective hourly rate is
  2. What you’re actually worth
  3. How you can move the needle by focusing on that one number, not the top line number.

Now, this is a little backward in the thinking process, but I promise it’ll help.

Roofing Sales Income: How to Figure Out Your Effective Hourly Rate

To start, you’ll need a few things. So:

  1. Grab a pen and paper.
  2. Get your calculator out.

At the top of your paper, write down “effective hourly rate” or “EHR.”

EHR in Roofing Sales | Roofing Sales Income

Next, we look at our annual earned income. I’m going to do this with three different variations, using sample numbers.

At the top, I’m going to write down my last 12 months of income. Let’s say that’s $100,000.

EHR Formula & Roofing Sales Earnings

Now, I’m going to divide that by the number of hours that I’ve worked in a year.

Pro Tip: I’m going to give you a little cheat code to estimate this, but it’s important to modify these numbers to fit your sales cycle and your market (after all, my friends in Minnesota don’t work 12 months a year while my friends in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida are generally working year-round).

So, let’s assume we work:

  • 50 hours/week: That’s probably a conservative estimate because 50 hours was kind of part-time for me. So let’s assume a 50-hour work week.
  • 50 weeks/year: There are 52 weeks in a year, giving you two weeks off for the holidays, vacations, and whatever else.

In that case, you’d be working 2,500 hours/year (50 hours/week x 50 weeks/year = 2,500 hours/year)

Now, we figure out your effective hourly rate by dividing your annual income by 2,500. That calculates your effective hourly rate:

$100,000/year   ÷   2,500 hours/year = $40/hour

THAT is what you’re actually earning, and that can stop many folks in their tracks. And if you earn

  • $200,000/year, that’s $80/hour.
  • $300,000/year, that’s $120/hour.

So, if you drop the number of hours you work, working smarter and more effectively, you’re going to see that EHR go up. That’s why you want to:

  1. Look at your effective hourly rate, instead of just your top-line revenue.
  2. Calculate your HER now, so you know what you’re earning every hour.

How to Improve Your EHR & Earn More in Roofing Sales

If I told you that you had two hours to go make sales — and you get to choose any day of the week, any time, to do that — when would you go out to try to sell? When’s the best time?

For most people, it’s:

  • Around 7:00 p.m. on a weekday
  • Between 10:00 a.m. and noon or noon to 2 p.m. on a Saturday

Those are the most lucrative times of the day and week for us.

Those are income-producing times, so:

  1. I’m going to put ALL my effort into sales during those times.
  2. I’m NOT on social media, social calls, or social texting during those times.

These are the most valuable portions of my day or week, so I have to make the most of them. And I can do that by prioritizing my tasks by:

  • Catching up on admin work, follow-up, scopes, paperwork, and non-money-making activities in the mornings
  • Structuring my day around income-producing time for the sole purpose of being more efficient

That’s how to increase that effective hourly rate. It’s about:

  1. Tactical execution
  2. Being more efficient
  3. Planning how to use your time better

That means that:

  • When a friend calls or you get distracted, that’s money out of your pocket.
  • Better time management can help you increase your EHR and earn more in roofing sales.

I hope this helps you improve your effective hourly rate and maximize your roofing sales income.

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