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STOP Emailing Roof Estimates, Even When Homeowners Ask

In the world of home improvement, particularly roofing, there’s a growing trend among homeowners to request estimates via email. This might seem convenient, but it often stems from a deeper issue—previous experiences with high-pressure sales tactics. Here’s how you can address this objection effectively, ensuring you don’t waste your time and continue closing deals.


Why Homeowners Ask for Email Estimates

It’s becoming increasingly common for homeowners to say, “Just email me the estimate.” This objection arises more frequently as homeowners become wary of the high-pressure sales tactics used by some companies. During a recent training session in Boston, one roofer shared his frustration: “Homeowners are giving me this objection more now than ever.”

The reason? They’ve encountered aggressive sales strategies—multiple reps, long appointments, and an overall uncomfortable experience. This has made them hesitant to engage with new companies, leading to the request for emailed estimates to avoid another ordeal.



The Impact of High-Pressure Sales

High-pressure sales tactics can backfire spectacularly. One homeowner recounted a four-hour meeting with two sales reps from a roofing company. The experience left them vowing never to go through such a process again. This story is not unique, and as a result, more homeowners are insisting on email estimates to keep salespeople at a distance.

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Addressing the Email Estimate Objection

When faced with the objection, it’s crucial to meet it head-on with empathy and professionalism. Here’s a strategy that works:

  1. Acknowledge and Respect Their Time:
    • Start by acknowledging the homeowner’s time constraints. “Mr. Homeowner, I respect your time and understand you’re busy. I’ll make this quick.”
  2. Explain Your Process:
    • Briefly outline your approach: “The way we do business is to meet with you to understand your needs, show you your options, and help you make a decision, even if it’s not with us. Our appointment will take about 45 minutes.”
  3. Set Clear Expectations:
    • Setting clear expectations can alleviate their concerns. “I promise to deliver the estimate at the end of our meeting. When’s a good time for you?”
  4. Emphasize Value and Understanding:
    • Explain why an in-person meeting is beneficial: “If I just email you an estimate, you’re left comparing numbers without understanding the details. We want to ensure you’re fully informed so you can make the best decision.”
  5. Assumptive Statements:
    • Use assumptive statements to connect with their concerns: “It sounds like you might have been burned by previous experiences with pushy sales tactics. We do things differently to ensure you feel informed and comfortable.”
  6. Firm Stance on Policy:
    • Be firm but polite about your policy: “Unfortunately, we don’t email estimates because we believe in providing thorough, in-person consultations to ensure you understand every aspect of the project.”



Why This Approach Works

This approach respects the homeowner’s time and addresses their underlying concerns. It also positions you as a professional who values transparency and customer education. By setting clear expectations and demonstrating a different, more customer-friendly approach, you can ease their apprehensions and secure a meeting.


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Final Thoughts

Remember, if a customer won’t give you their time, they likely won’t give you their business. Stand firm in your approach, provide value through education, and watch your close rates improve.

By following these strategies, you can overcome the “email me the estimate” objection and build stronger, more trusting relationships with your potential customers.



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