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Are Real Estate Agents Really a Waste of Time for Roofers?

As a roofer, you might find yourself questioning the value of working with real estate agents. The common perception is that real estate leads are more trouble than they’re worth. After all, agents seem to want free estimates, and homebuyers often seek the cheapest or most expensive quotes to manipulate the transaction in their favor. But is this always the case? And how can roofers better navigate these relationships to maximize their benefits?


The Dilemma with Real Estate Leads

Real estate transactions often place roofers in challenging situations. Sellers want to minimize expenses, aiming to just tick the box for “new roof” on their listing, while buyers want high estimates to secure credits for future repairs. This dynamic creates a lose-lose scenario where the roofer’s effort may seem undervalued or wasted.



Should You Charge for Estimates?

One practical approach is to charge for estimates. By setting a fee—say $250—for preparing an estimate, which is deducted from the final bill if they choose to work with you, you filter out those merely shopping for quotes without any intention of following through. This tactic not only ensures you’re compensated for your time but also signals that your services are professional and valuable.


Learning to Say No

Not every lead is worth pursuing. Understanding this early can save you countless hours and frustration. Develop a screening process to identify red flags, such as projects that are already under contract or clients clearly seeking the cheapest option. Politely declining such projects helps you focus on more promising opportunities, protecting your time and resources.


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Building Productive Relationships with Real Estate Agents

While many real estate interactions may seem futile, there are scenarios where these partnerships can be beneficial, especially in storm-prone areas. Here’s how to turn potential headaches into viable opportunities:

  1. Focus on Storm Damage: Homes in hail, wind, or hurricane-affected areas often need urgent repairs. Realtors dealing with such properties will appreciate a roofer who can quickly address these issues, facilitating smoother sales transactions.
  2. Leverage Inspection Reports: When a home inspector flags roofing issues, this can be a direct entry point for you. Offer to review inspection reports and provide quick quotes for necessary repairs, ensuring transactions are not stalled.
  3. Pre-Listing Inspections: Reach out to realtors to conduct roof inspections before homes are listed. This proactive approach helps identify and fix issues early, making the property more attractive to potential buyers.


Effective Marketing to Real Estate Agents

Target your marketing efforts toward real estate agents by focusing on the benefits of early roof inspections and storm damage repairs. Use tailored marketing materials, such as:

  • Emails and Letters: Send personalized communications to realtors with properties in storm-affected areas, highlighting your expertise in quick and efficient roof repairs.
  • Educational Content: Create content that educates realtors on the importance of roof maintenance and repairs before listing properties. This can include blog posts, videos, and infographics.



Case Study: Success with Strategic Approaches

Consider the case of Derek, a member of the Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance, who struggled with being taken advantage of by real estate agents. By shifting his approach—charging for estimates, saying no to unviable projects, and focusing on storm damage areas—Derek transformed these frustrating interactions into profitable opportunities. His success highlights the importance of strategic thinking and proactive marketing in dealing with real estate leads.



Real estate agents don’t have to be a waste of time for roofers. By implementing a structured approach—charging for estimates, learning to say no, and focusing on high-value opportunities—you can turn these relationships into a productive part of your business. Engage realtors with targeted marketing and offer solutions that address their specific needs, ensuring your efforts lead to tangible results.

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