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STOP “Winging It” in Your Sales Appointments

As a roofing salesperson, it’s tempting to rely on your charm and ability to connect with homeowners on a personal level. Many believe that avoiding a structured approach keeps them from appearing “salesy,” and prefer to simply read body language and talk their way through appointments. While this might work occasionally, it’s not a sustainable strategy.


The Pitfall of Custom Tailoring: A Real-Life Example

Consider the case of Kennedy, who initially topped her company’s sales charts by relying on her natural rapport-building skills. However, within 30 days, she plummeted to the bottom of the rankings. The reason? She deviated from a proven process in favor of a more improvised approach.


Why Consistency Matters

In sales, consistency is crucial. It’s common to evaluate your current performance against your previous success, making slight adjustments each time. Over time, these minor changes accumulate, leading to significant deviations from the original successful process. This gradual drift can cause your close rate to decline without you even realizing why.


The Secret to High Close Rates

The key to maintaining a high close rate is to follow a consistent process. As salespeople, we often attribute our success to specific actions or words used in a single appointment, without considering other factors like the customer’s prior knowledge or readiness to buy. A systematic approach provides a reliable framework to fall back on, ensuring consistent results.

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Implementing a Structured Sales Process

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of an effective roofing sales process:

  1. Pre-Appointment Preparation: Begin by thoroughly preparing for each appointment. Gather all necessary materials and information about the homeowner.
  2. Ground-Level Inspection: Start with a comprehensive inspection at ground level. Take detailed photos of the front, left, rear, and right sides of the house.
  3. Roof Inspection: Move to the roof, taking photos from the ladder and documenting any issues you find. Follow a checklist to ensure you cover all necessary areas.
  4. In-Home Presentation: Use a structured in-home presentation, like the CARPARK formula. This method helps you stay on track and cover all essential points without getting sidetracked by the conversation.


Overcoming Emotional Bias in Sales

Sales can be emotional, leading us to tie our success to the feeling we had during a particular appointment. However, success often depends on factors beyond our control, such as the homeowner’s prior research or their readiness to make a purchase. By sticking to a structured process, you reduce the influence of these emotional biases and improve your overall performance.


Getting Back to Basics

If you find your performance slipping, it’s essential to “pump the brakes” and return to the basics. Reevaluate your process and ensure you’re following it precisely. This recalibration can help you regain your footing and improve your close rate.


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By adhering to a consistent and proven sales process, you can significantly enhance your performance and achieve sustainable success in roofing sales. Remember, it’s not just about connecting with customers; it’s about following a structured approach that leads to reliable results.



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