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The 10-Second Pitch: Fastest Door-to-Door Pitch for Roofing Sales

Hey, Adam, here at The Roof Strategist.

Today, I’m going to share the perfect 10-second pitch.

Why a 10-Second Roofing Sales Pitch?

This was inspired by an email all about the 10-second shot clock. I’m going to paraphrase that email. It was from a roofing salesperson named Kermit. He wrote me:

I’m very green to the industry and have less than 10 days in the field. I’m being trained to canvass in a really nice neighborhood.

I watch this rep go to the door and knock.

The homeowner opened the door and said, “I’m busy. You have 10 seconds. Go.”

Super friendly guy. He’s smiling. I’m smiling. Then, he starts counting down from 10. And he gets louder as he counts.

So, I hope you use this for a training example because I think it’s a good story for training new guys greener than I am.

I couldn’t agree more. So, thank you, Kermit, for the recommendation.

Funny enough, this is also great for seasoned salespeople because the hardest part of pitching is boiling it down into the essence of what you need to say. Of course, it’s much easier to go longer than it is shorter.

So, I’m going to show you:

  1. What to trim from the SLAP formula
  2. How to use it
  3. How you can quickly adapt it for ANY scenario you will ever face

Welcome. My name is Adam Bensman, The Roof Strategist.

Everything I do here (and on my YouTube channel and my podcast, on Apple and Spotify) is a great resource. It’s wonderful if you’re driving around and want to catch up on episodes. Because I’m all about helping roofing salespeople and teams smash income goals and give every customer an amazing experience.

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How Long Should My Door-to-Door Roofing Sales Pitch Be?

In door-to-door roofing sales, sometimes, we have to match the customer’s desires. Funny enough, when they push us or do something that seems rude, we need to learn how to adapt, pitch quickly, and cut to the chase. After all, every customer is different.

Actually, I just went over this with a sales manager who jumped on board to get the Roofing Sales Success Formula, which is my online training dashboard with training and strategies for teams. It’s lightning fast — about 9.5 hours — and it covers everything.

He asked me, “Adam, how long is your sales presentation?

I said, “I can’t answer that. Because I teach to go as deep as you need to whenever people need it.”

That’s because some people may:

  • Need more time to connect and build rapport
  • Have a ton of questions when you show them your photos or go over your presentation
  • Say, “I’m ready to go, where do I sign?” I’ve had this happen.

My point?

With a 10-second pitch, we need to learn how to match our customers and deliver what they want when they want it.

So, let’s get to it.

How to Craft Your 10-Second Roofing Sales Pitch: The SLAP Formula

This pitch uses the foundations of the SLAP formula, a strategy to develop the perfect pitch and approach at the door every single time. So, let’s quickly go over the SLAP formula, the foundation of my door-to-door approach.

Here’s a fast rundown of the SLAP Formula:

  1. Say hi and break the ice: Since we only have 10 seconds, we’re going to trim the icebreaker. Let’s be real here — if someone says, “Give me 10 seconds,” are you going to compliment their car, their dog, their rose garden, or the truck in their driveway? No. We’re going to cut right to it.
  2. Let them know why you’re there: We want to make it relevant to their neighborhood, regardless of whether we’re brand new in the neighborhood, whether we just got a roof approved, whether we just signed a customer, or whatever.
  3. Ask an open-ended question: That’s how we’re going to quickly shift gears to get the homeowner talking. We only have 10 seconds to get it out.
  4. Present to their answer: Let them answer your question, so you can figure out where they’re at and then, effectively present to their needs.

Now, let’s dive in.

10-Second Pitch for Roofing Sales & Retail

I want to show you a couple of examples that I timed using a shot clock.

This roofing sales pitch clocked in at 8.18 seconds

My name is Adam. I just got off Peggy’s roof.

We just got her roof approved by the insurance.

I wanted to stop by and ask, where are you at in the insurance process?

Here, I said “hi.” I let them know why I was there, which was because I just got off Peggy’s roof and we just got it approved. Then, I asked my open-end question. How has the process been for you?

Next example. This retail pitch clocked in at 9.3 seconds.

Hey, my name is Adam. I’ll cut right to it. I just got off Peggy’s roof.

We just decided to move forward getting her roof replaced, and I wanted to ask when was the last time you had your roof inspected?

These pitches boil down it down to the essence. Practice them to make them your very own. You can boil your pitch into the tightest, most compact package, trimming the fat and jumping right into it.

I highly recommend it because here’s the deal — I have a lot to learn. I just learned this from Kermit, who’s been in the industry for 10 days. So, when you think you know it all, you’re dying. You always need to be improving. If it weren’t for Kermit bringing this up, I wouldn’t have been practicing my 10-second pitch for various scenarios.

Now, your job is to take what you just learned and practice your 10-second pitch.

Bonus Tips for Your 10-Second Door-to-Door Roofing Sales Pitch

I want to share some extra advice for these pitches.

Say “hi” and eliminate the compliment. There’s no more icebreaker. You say, “Hi, I’ll cut right to it.” That essentially acknowledges their desire for you to speed up without skirting it.

You can even cut out saying something like, “I’ll cut to the chase” to save a second or so.

Also, remember to practice your 10-second pitch for different scenarios, like when you:

  • Are new to neighborhoods
  • Sign a new customer
  • Schedule a job
  • Go out for install day
  • Get paid in full, meaning you’ve already completed a roof in the neighborhood.

This coincides with the canvassing strategy I teach in my program, the Complete Sales Strategy, so you always know exactly what to say.

When we break this down into these different scenarios and you rehearse them, you will never ever get caught on your heels again, and you will ace your 10-second roofing sales pitch.

Now, go practice your 10-second pitch. The shot clock is counting…

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