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The Ultimate CLOSING Technique to Overcome ANY Objection

Hey, Adam, here at The Roof Strategist. Today, I’m going to teach you one of the most powerful closing techniques to help you overcome ANY objection that comes your way.

Now, I’ve already talked about the Top Three Objections that come up between you and a customer when you’re trying to close the sale. But there’s a slew of other objections that might pop up out of nowhere. And there’s really no way to prepare for these because they’re one-offs.

So, in your closing toolbelt, you need a way to:

  1. Face any objection with confidence and clarity to overcome it.
  2. Turn those objections into sales opportunities by not only overcoming them but also by making the customer (or soon-to-be customer) comfortable.

Then, you can ask for the sale. So, I’m going to give you two examples of odd objections that can pop up once in a blue moon and the simple, highly effective closing technique that works to overcome them.

Roofing Sales Odd Objection #1: My Dog Hates Noise

You could run into this odd objection, with a homeowner saying something like, “I’m really afraid to do this roofing project because my dog hates noise.”

Now, that tells me this person really wants their dog to be comfortable. Maybe their dog has anxiety, freaks out with noise, or goes to the bathroom in the house. So, I need to overcome this objection and find a way to close the sale. And, by the way, don’t promise anything you can’t deliver on.

Here’s an example of how I would respond to this objection to overcome it:

Ma’am, I totally understand wanting to keep your dog comfortable through this process.

If I could find an alternative place for your dog to go for the day while we do the roof, would you feel comfortable moving forward with us on this project?

If she says “Yes,” which is obviously the whole goal in roofing sales, we say:

Great! I can do that for you. I promise to find an outlet that will work for you and the dog. I’ll coordinate with the neighbors, or I’d be more than happy to pay for a kennel for the day or doggy daycare, something that’s comfortable for both you and the dog. Then, we can get this project started.

Then, we transition right to the contingency. So, we use the IF-THEN as a question to get to “Yes.”

Once we hear “Yes,” we say, “Great,” and we instantly slide into the next steps. We don’t want to fill in fluff or beat around the bush.

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Roofing Sales Odd Objection #2: My Landscaping Will Be Ruined

Here’s another odd objection that you can run into. You may hear a homeowner say something like:

You know, I’m not really sure I want to do my roof. I’ve been watching other roofs get done, and I see all this debris coming down. And I really, really don’t want my vegetable garden or my flower garden to be ruined. I see there are shingles falling, and I’ve got hundreds of hours of time in my garden.

By the way, I’ve heard this one, and they’re either worried about the time or money they’ve invested in their landscaping, and I get it. It’s their property. They don’t want a beautiful rosebush or perennial flowers destroyed.

This objection tells me what’s important to the homeowner. I want to make them feel comfortable, so they know that we’re going to execute this carefully and we’re going to pay attention to their concerns.

By the way, if you ever make a promise to a homeowner, it needs to go on that work order, so your crew knows to deliver. Otherwise, you’re going to look stupid, and we don’t want that.

So, let’s say this fear of having a garden trampled or destroyed comes up. When that happens, we want to:

  1. Acknowledge the objection
  2. Make them feel comfortable that we’re listening

Here’s what we say:

I totally understand that your garden is important to you and that you have a lot of time and money in it. I want to protect it for you.

If I can take special precautions by using some plywood to brace above your garden and protect it, then would you feel comfortable choosing me as the contractor of choice to do this project for you?

See how I acknowledged the objection head-on? I let them know that they are understood, and I show that I clearly get what the issue is for them.

How to Use the “If-Then” Strategy to Overcome Any Roofing Sales Objection

With both of these odd objections, I used the If-Then question strategy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Ask an “If” question: This is where you address the concern and propose the solution.
  2. Follow it up with a “Then” question: This is where you ask for the business. You can simply say “Then, would you feel comfortable choosing me as the contractor choice to do this project for you?”

Now, wait for that, “Yes.” When you get the “Yes,” say, “Fantastic! I’m so excited to work on this with you. Here’s what the next step is.” Then, transition to the contingency agreement.

By the way, check out my video on How to Use the Contingency Agreement to Close Sales. Most salesmen think, Crap, I have to get this contingency out. It’s going to throw a monkey wrench in the sale. But when you do it right, it actually acts as a sales tool and a closing tool.

So, use this “If-Then” closing technique to ink more deals and overcome ANY objection under the sun to get the “Yes” and transition to the contingency agreement.

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Thanks for joining me, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the next blog.