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Will a Roof Claim Increase Insurance Premiums? What You Need to Know

As a roofing salesperson, you’ve probably heard the objection, “I don’t want my premiums to go up, so I’m not filing a claim,” countless times. In this blog post, I’ll teach you how to effectively address this concern, ensuring homeowners get the roof they need and deserve, all while maximizing your sales.


Understanding Homeowner Concerns

Homeowners often equate their home insurance with auto insurance. In auto insurance, a claim, accident, or even a speeding ticket can lead to increased premiums. This belief translates to their home insurance, but there’s a significant difference. Let’s break it down.



Home Insurance vs. Auto Insurance

Unlike auto insurance, home insurance has more in common with health insurance. Specifically, when it comes to acts of God (hail, wind, hurricanes), most states in the U.S. have regulations preventing premium increases directly due to these natural events.


Acts of God and Insurance Premiums

In nearly every state, claims filed for acts of God cannot cause direct premium increases. However, there’s a twist: overall loss ratios in an area can influence premiums. If a significant number of homes file claims due to a storm, insurers might increase premiums across the board to recoup their losses.

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Educating Homeowners

Here’s how you can educate homeowners effectively:

  1. Acknowledge Their Concern: “I completely understand your concern about premiums going up. Many people think home insurance works like auto insurance where any claim can raise your rates.”
  2. Explain Acts of God: “Home insurance is different. In almost every state, your rates cannot increase directly due to a claim for an act of God, such as hail, wind, or a hurricane.”
  3. Discuss Area-Wide Increases: “However, if many homes in your area are damaged and claims are filed, insurers may raise premiums for everyone in the area, regardless of whether you file a claim or not.”
  4. Highlight the Benefit: “Since your premiums might go up anyway, it makes sense to take advantage of the service you’ve been paying for. Filing a claim for your roof ensures you’re getting the most out of your insurance.”


Presenting the Choices

After educating homeowners, present them with their options clearly:

  • Do Nothing: “You can choose not to file a claim. However, your premiums are likely to increase due to the overall area losses.”
  • File a Claim: “Alternatively, you can file a claim and get your roof replaced now, for just the cost of your deductible. This is particularly important given the rising costs of roofing, which could double in the next five years.”



Overcoming the Objection

Summarize the benefits and present a compelling case for filing a claim:

“By filing a claim, you’re using the service you’ve paid for to replace the most expensive maintenance item on your home. Plus, if you wait, you might face higher out-of-pocket costs later due to rising prices. Which option works best for you?”


The Big Picture

By addressing this objection effectively, you not only help homeowners make informed decisions but also position yourself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy advisor. This approach can lead to more sales, satisfied customers, and ultimately, a richer life and bank account for you.


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